Why Can’t Prince William And Kate Middleton Ever Have a ‘Normal’ Marriage?

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been together for more than 10 years now and although they may seem like the perfect Royal couple, they can never really have a ‘normal’ marriage the way they want to.

For one thing, according to Cheat Sheet, they can’t show each other affection in public the way they want to because of their Royal duties. Because they are a Royal couple, they aren’t allowed to share certain public displays of affection for each other.

How did Kate Middleton and Prince William meet in the first place? They actually were both attending St. Andrew’s University and met in 2001. They moved in with each other in 2002, first becoming roommates. The following year, in 2003, they started dating each other.

After dating for several years, they started going on getaways together. This is when they became public knowledge. Kate also started meeting members of his family, the Royal Family. After meeting the Royal Family, Prince William proved to Kate that he was serious about her being his girlfriend.

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up for a short amount of time in 2007 because of the media pressure that was on them. They were back together less than a year later for good this time.

In November of 2010, the Royal couple was engaged. Prince William asked her to marry him using the his mother’s, the late Princess Diana’s, sapphire and diamond ring. Kate and William had their wedding in April of 2011. Their fairytale wedding was watched by millions of people all over the world.

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The Royal couple is now trying to give their children a normal life. As normal a life as they can, anyway, when it comes to living as members of the Royal Family. Their firstborn, Prince George, was born in July of 2013. They then welcomed Princess Charlotte and last but not least, baby Prince Louis.

As parents, they are very affectionate toward their children. They are hugging, touching, and reassuring their three children all the time. But, what about each other?

All reports that have talked about how they are raising their children shows they are breaking free from traditional Royal children upbringing since the tradition with past Royal couples was to be more ‘hands-off’ with the way they raised their children, meaning not as much affection as Prince William and Kate Middleton have been giving their children.

William and Kate want nothing more than their three children to have a normal childhood and to be able to experience every joy of childhood they possibly can without the pressure of living under the Royal Family.

Kate enjoys spending time with her children by baking and doing crafts with them. Although Kate and William use a nanny, they also like to do a lot of things with their children themselves.

Although this may be the case, they will never feel the same sense of normalcy within their marriage. Why is this, though? Why can’t they be like any other normal married couple? It is because, since they live under the rules of the royal decorum, they are not encouraged, actually, they are more discouraged from holding hands, hugging each other, or even kissing in public.

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Although there are no set rules to how often married Royal couples can show affection in public, they are discouraged from PDA because they are encouraged to match the way they act in public with the structure of the event they are attending.

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