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Video: Kevin Gates – Dreka

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Happy couple Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka recently announced they’re expecting their next bundle of joy soon, and it’s possible that the welcoming of Baby Gilyard has caused the rapper to become reflective of his relationship. If there’s one thing we know about Gates it’s that he’s not a shy person, so he decided to honor his wife with a new open and honest single titled “Dreka.”

The Lousiana rapper put pen to paper and shared lyrics about all of his shortcomings including prison stints and infidelities. It seems that Dreka has endured much in her lengthy relationship with Kevin Gates, but she’s remained by his side throughout it all. Gates is appreciative of all that his wife has done for him in the years that they’ve been together, so listen to the I’m Him rapper sing his woman’s praises on “Dreka” and let us know what you think. Also, make sure to read our Digital Cover Story with Kevin Gates right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Tryin’ to tear down what you helped me build on purpose, but you stay inside
Makin’ you look stupid in the streets, but you stay by me
Hoes say this and that, you never speak, you stay silent
Sometimes I just sit alone and think
Couldn’t take it if the shit I did was ever done to me
Women keep their business real discreet, and they stay smilin’

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