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Video: Dax – Godzilla Eminem Remix

It definitely takes guts to cover an Eminem record.

Hate him or love him, Dax is one pretty eclectic rapper with the skills to back up his wild social media antics. His latest musical output is a tribute to well-documented idol Eminem, covering his Music To Be Murdered By hit single “Godzilla.”

Dax’s take on the song keeps up with the same speedy flow as Em’s version, throwing in bars that talk about everything from fast fashion wordplay to comparing his flow to cocaine because, well, he says “it sounds like I snorted.” While a lot of these bars are definitely clever (“everything I spit is godly like I’m rapping in ministry”), there’s is a good share of weak filler (“I got drip it’s so hot it evaporated”) in addition to some bars that are just straight-up cringeworthy (“I’m gonna fuck this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual”). Overall though, we give the homie an A for effort for even having the guts to cover an Eminem record.

Listen to “Godzilla Eminem Remix” by Dax below, and also watch his “one take” music video that he made for the track as well:

Quotable Lyrics:

This beats incredible
Me and Eminem beats are identical twins were like inseparable
I sing I rap they’re side by side just like my testicles
I’m gonna fuck this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual
Listen close if your skeptical
I’m bout mop it up
Toes painted while I’m robbin ya
Daxnos repping H and M
They all “humbly miss” if they holliser
Twist words like I’m oliver
See my future something like philosophers

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