Video: Andy Dick Unconscious After Getting ‘Sucker Punched’ In New Orleans

Police Are Investigating The Attack That Happened Outside A New Orleans Nightclub On Early Saturday, August 10 And Left The Comedian Suffering From Concussion And Possible Bleeding On The Brain.

Andy Dick was assaulted outside a New Orleans nightclub on early Saturday, August 10. The controversial comedian/actor was waiting for his Uber after performing at the One Eyed Jacks nightclub when an unknown attacker “sucker punched” the 53-year-old star at around 2 A.M.

A security footage capturing the attack showed the man appearing to be waiting for Andy and mingling with the crowd before knocking Andy out when he was talking to someone else. Andy fell into a motorcycle and hit his head on the ground. The attacker then calmly picked up his beer and walked away, while Andy was “knocked out 100 percent for 15 minutes,” according to the former “The Andy Dick Show” host.

Paris Dylan, Andy’s performance partner and guitarist who performed with him that night, says he witnessed it as the attacker threw a punch on the back of Andy’s head. “Andy dropped like a rag doll,” Paris recalled. “It was extremely scary.”

He went on recounting, “He wasn’t responding to me. I was looking at his eyes looking all over the place. He was kind of like swallowing his tongue. He was like, not talking to me.”

Andy was rushed to the intensive care unit of an area hospital. He was diagnosed with concussion and monitored for a “possible brain bleed.” Andy spent two nights in the hospital before flying back to Los Angeles. “It’s still kind of touch and go. His head is still killing him. He’s got blurry vision. He’s not the same,” Paris says of Andy’s current condition.

The New Orleans Police Department confirms it’s currently investigating “a possible assault involving an individual identified as Andy Dick” following the filing of a complaint with the agency in the afternoon on Monday afternoon. Paris says he remains mystified as to a motive of the attack.

While Andy has a history of drug and alcohol issues that landed him in troubles, Robert Couvillion, who promoted the show, says the performer didn’t have any reason to expect to be attacked. He says he was “flabbergasted” by what happened.

Following the attack, Andy canceled a scheduled performance at an outdoor venue for Saturday’s Red Dress Run crowd. He showed up in a decorated wheelchair at another concert scheduled for the Art Garage in the Marigny at 10 P.M. on Sunday. While he was unable to perform, Paris says Andy just wanted “to show up for the fans.”

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