Victoria Fuller lashes out after ‘The Bachelor’ fans question why she went skydiving if she’s allegedly “terrified” of heights

Victoria Fuller has lashed out at The Bachelor fans who pointed out the irony that she freaked out over heights in the latest episode given she apparently went skydiving a few years back.

Victoria F. was shown almost having “a panic attack” and “freaking out” on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor’s 24th season when her one-on-one Date Card with Peter Weber hinted, “Today our love soars to new heights.”

“I hate falling. I don’t want to fall… Are we going skydiving?! No! I can’t! I’m not kidding! I can’t breathe,” Victoria F. complained to producers, kicking and screaming before she met Peter for their date on a runway.

But as the episode was airing, Instagram users discovered a photo of Victoria F. skydiving back in 2014 — a post which she has since deleted, Us Weekly reported.

“For everyone asking who has sent in 90 million messages about me skydiving, yes I’ve been skydiving before,” Victoria F., 25, reportedly admitted to her Instagram followers on Monday evening.

“Do I ever want to do it again? No! Am I allowed to feel that way? Yes.”

But Victoria F. really played up her alleged fear of heights on The Bachelor.

When she found out Peter would be flying her in a plane to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio, she told the cameras, “I’m very nervous for today. I don’t like heights, so I’m just, like, worried.”

“I’m dying inside. I’m doing something that I would never normally do, and I’m terrified,” she added.

And then Victoria F. expressed fear before getting onto a ride with Peter at the park that was going to shoot them high into the air.

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“No, no, no!” she exclaimed before the ride began. (But Victoria F. agreed to try the ride a second time afterwards).

However, Victoria F. ended up enjoying her day with Peter at Cedar Point — until the pair was serenaded by country singer Chase Rice, whom Victoria F. actually dated before appearing on The Bachelor.

“We turn the corner and I see Chase, my ex-boyfriend. Nothing could be worse. I’m freaking out right now,” Victoria vented to the cameras.

“I want to die. Chase Rice is my ex-boyfriend. Chase and I dated before I came on the show.”

Victoria F. later told a producer Chase was “making these faces” at her while he was singing onstage because he had allegedly told her that he didn’t want her to go on The Bachelor to begin with.

Both Victoria F. and Chase were angry over the setup and felt “duped” by show producers, with Chase telling Seattle’s Fitz In the Morning radio show recently it was “over the top” and “unnecessary.”

“I was really pissed, to be honest, because I was just going on there trying to promote ‘Lonely If You Are’ and ‘Eyes on You,’ and I wanted absolutely nothing… to do with the drama of that show,” Chase explained on the radio show.

But Chase suggested he and Victoria F. were never boyfriend and girlfriend like the medical sales representative from Virginia Beach has claimed.

“I’ve known her from — we spent a night together in Charlotte, [North Carolina], and she’s a cool chick from what I know of her,” Chase said on Fitz In the Morning.

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The Bachelor is airing a special two-night event next week on Monday, February 3 and Wednesday, February 5 on ABC. The Monday night broadcast will be a special extended three-hour episode.

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