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Trina – Redemption Feat. Ball Greezy

by Iyzklez
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Trina - Redemption Feat. Ball Greezy

The trio is back with a visual to their single.
Love has gone wrong for Trina on her single “Redemption,” a track that features verses by rapper Ball Greezy and R&B singer Nia Amber. The two Miami rappers opt for a conversational approach on the track as they go back and forth, calling out and answering each other’s insults as they play the parts of a couple fed up with the relationship. Trina insults his manhood before calling him broke and accusing him of avoiding her, while Ball Greezy snaps back, telling her she wasn’t complaining until she wasn’t getting what she wanted.

The track comes from Trina’s October 2018 release Blue Magic, a project she delivered as fans await The One. Her forthcoming record will be her sixth studio album, and Trina previously told Huffington Post that the title means she’s “been there, done that, and she’s still standing.” She went on to describe The One as being ” fun, truth, growth, maturity; beyond the Na’an & Baddest Bitch phase.”

Quotable Lyrics

Instead of pickin’ it up, you was duckin’ my call
Instead of callin’ the shots, you was hittin’ the bar
Clown n*gga do anything to f*ck with a star
Sh*t, how’d I fall for your slick ass
Insecure, chauvinistic, evil lil’ d*ck ass

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