This Graphic photo of slain Suleimani, may have been the reason for Iran reprisal attack

After the US Drone attack on Iranian Revolutionary Guards General Suleimani, pictures of his mutilated body have begun to surface online.

Would the stand off Deescalate after Iran’s reprisal attack on US soldiers base in Iraq?

Already EU and world powers are struggling hard to deescalate the middle east conflict, to avoid the situation to Degerate in to an all out war.

At home the Trump Government is being accused by the Democrats of unilateral action, and a war that nobody wants.
Democrat House Speaker Nancy pelosi is Demanding the Trump Administration to bring out the said Evidence the Government said it has, Suleimani was planning an attack on US forces. Which they could not.

In Another twist, America’s Ally, Israel has ordered it’s Government officials not to make press comments on the issue, as one source says, ” it’s American problem”.

Observers are seeing it as not to needle up in the conflict at this stage for fear of branding the Israel Government with a hand in the attack.

As the world await for America’s response to Iranian reprisal attack, It is only time will tell if the situation will hopefully deescalate.

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