The Most Profound ‘Bojack Horseman’ Episodes So Far

Bojack Horseman is hilarious. It’s satire of Hollywood continues to poke fun at celebrities and egos. The animal puns are good too. There’s more to Bojack Horseman than jokes though and it probably wouldn’t have lasted five seasons on celebrity animals alone. Bojack Horseman is deep. Bojack (Will Arnett) deals with depression, addictions, anxieties and insecurities.

Those themes are always under the surface of a Bojack Horseman episode. Some episode really highlight just how profound the show can be. These are the five most profound episodes of Bojack Horseman so far, and this will include spoilers from those episodes just in case you’re not caught up yet Maybe this will finally be the year Bojack Horseman wins the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program..

Bojack Horseman delivers a eulogy
After a rocky, volatile relationship, Bojack’s mother Beatrice (Wendie Malick) passed away. Bojack gave her eulogy and the entire episode “Free Churro” was his speech.

Bojack makes some funny asides and there’s a funny twist at the end, but this episode is about forcing him to talk about his mother. Bojack himself may not have answers but this is as close as Bojack will get to being honest about his feelings.

Princess Caroline sends ‘Thoughts and Prayers’

Courtney Portnoy (Sharon Horgan) has a new action movie where she plays a badass female heroine, but a mass shooting makes it inappropriate to release right now. So they delay the movie, and then there’s another mass shooting that makes it the wrong time for Portnoy’s movie. They delay it again and it keeps happening. All Princess Caroline (Amy Sedaris) can do is offer thoughts and prayers.

This episode was made even before Death Wish got delayed (it still came out right after Parkland) and The Hunt got cancelled. It was prescient that this is only going to keep happening.

Bojack Horseman sabotages Sarah Lynn’s Sobriety

Sarah Lynn (Kristen Schaal) was another tragic character in Bojack’s life. She was a child star on Horsin’ Around and like many child stars, she did not have a healthy adjustment when the show ended. She succumbed to drugs as an adult.

But in season 3, Sarah Lynn got sober, until Bojack got her high again. Their final bender in “That’s Too Much, Man” ends in Sarah Lynn overdosing, showing how dangerous Bojack can be for vulnerable people. He’d always been a jerk but this is when it got real.

Bojack Horseman underwater
The landmark episode “Fish Out of Water” really showed what animation could do. Bojack attends a film festival underwater so he can’t talk. It’s visually profound how they could do a whole episode without dialogue and convey plot and emotion entirely with images. Verbal communication is out, and so are many of Bojack’s crutches like drinking and smoking.

He has an epic adventure involving delivering seahorse babies. The sheer pressure of keeping a baby safe exacerbated in underwater caves and factories but the rules are different because he’s underwater. Heights aren’t a danger because he floats. The water and fish thwart Bojack’s attempt to apologize to the director he got fired from Secretariat, which would have been a huge step for him. Even doing the right thing gets harder and harder.

Inside Bojack Horseman’s mom’s memory
Beatrice Horseman was complicated figure in Bojack’s life. They never had a loving relationship, and near the end she had dementia so became dependent on Bojack, with no memory of how badly she’d treated him. She also began mistaking him for Henrietta.

“Time’s Arrow” delved back into Beatrice’s memories and who Henrietta was to her. It also represented her fractured memory so Henrietta’s face was scratched out. Blending time, fragile memory and empathy, “Time’s Arrow” may be the most devastating episode of Bojack Horseman.

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