‘The Bachelor’ to air special two-night event next week and supersize Monday episode

The Bachelor viewers will be getting a double dose of Peter Weber’s search for love next week, as ABC has announced the show will air a special two-night event and broadcast new episodes on both Monday and Wednesday.

In addition, The Bachelor’s Monday night episode will also be supersized and air as an extended three-hour episode.

Monday’s The Bachelor broadcast will air from 8-11PM ET/PT on ABC, while Wednesday’s episode will air from 8-10PM ET/PT.

Over the course of the two episodes, Peter and his chosen bachelorettes will be shown traveling to Costa Rica and then Santiago, Chile.

Peter will also be forced to face drama head-on during a dreaded two-on-one date with feuding ladies.

The Bachelor episode on Monday, February 3 will begin where the latest episode had left off, with Peter deciding how to handle Alayah Benavidez’s return in light of frustrations and disappointment expressed by his other bachelorettes for welcoming the controversial beauty pageant queen back into the competition.

After Peter made up his mind about his 16 remaining bachelorettes, he handed out roses at the season’s fourth Rose Ceremony in Cleveland, OH.

After visiting Ohio, Peter and his remaining bachelorettes left America and began the international portion of Peter’s love journey by traveling to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is where Peter suffered a “serious injury” while he was golfing during an off-day from filming which resulted in The Bachelor star needing 22 stitches and sporting a visible injury on his forehead for the reminder of filming.

While one woman enjoyed a one-on-one date with Peter flying in a helicopter, another bachelorette spent the day alone crying her eyes out. Her frailties were later exposed to Peter.

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That same emotional woman joined a group of ladies for a group date, which turned out to be a big swimsuit fashion photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine at La Fortuna Waterfall.

The woman who posed the best with Peter at the photo shoot won a layout with the Bachelor in the magazine’s March issue, which sparked jealousy amongst her competitors.

One controversial woman later snuck over to Peter’s suite before the next Rose Ceremony.

But Peter was confident in his decisions following the round of dates in Costa Rica, so he canceled the cocktail party. (This move caused two women to pull him aside to talk before he could hand out roses).

On her way out, one of the eliminated women dropped “a bombshell warning,” according to ABC, that made Peter wonder “if his worst nightmare” was coming true.

During Wednesday night’s episode next week, Peter and his remaining women will be shown continuing their adventures in Santiago, Chile for the season’s fifth round of dates.

One woman raised concerns during a one-on-one date because she revealed to Peter she had never been in love before. Peter was therefore left questioning whether she was truly ready to settle down and get married.

And another woman received a second one-on-one date this season, which devastated one bachelorette still waiting for a solo date with Peter.

In addition, Peter embarked on a group date in which he and the women starred in their own telenova, a Latin American drama entitled “El Am or de Pedro?”

As for Peter’s other one-on-one date in Chile, he and a woman trained horses together from a real Chilean hulas and enjoyed a rodeo.

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But Peter was surprised to learn about the woman’s personal fears in regards to having a future together. Peter was left worrying the woman might not stick around until the end for him as a result.

And later on, two feuding females squared off one last time as the recipients of the dreaded two-on-one date.

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