‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers, Live Updates: Who Went Home On ‘The Bachelor’ Tonight?

If you thought “champagne-gate” was going to end with a fizzle, last week proved you wrong. Indeed, Hannah Ann and Kelsey continued to spar and pout over the champagne and their respective virtue throughout the third episode.

That confrontation reached its peak when Kelsey, who claimed she’d had the bottle of champagne imported from her hometown to specially drink with Pete and compared the bottle to “her heart,” claimed she “didn’t even like champagne.”

But Pete was distracted by the presence of other women. Victoria P. got a date rose, and he took her to a local country and western bar. Victoria P. revealed more about her traumatic childhood, admitting she felt guilty about burdening Pete with this information post-champagne-gate, but her candor earned Pete’s respect.

The following morning, Demi Burnett—of The Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Season 23 fame—showed up at the mansion to lead the women in a pillow fight. The women were bussed to a local bar, which had set up a “foxy boxing” ring for them to hit one another with pillows in their lingerie. Fred Willard and Chris Harrison gave commentary as Alayah won the final battle.

This pulled focus back to Alayah, who found herself on the receiving end of accusations of fakeness from the other girls, specifically that she uses a “baby voice” around Pete.

It fell to Sydney to inform Pete about Alayah’s “being there for the wrong reasons.” This won Sydney a rose for her honesty.

The following day, the women were then sent to a pool party with Peter, and informed a rose ceremony would immediately follow it.

During the course of the party, Pete tried to ferret information about Alayah’s alleged dishonesty out of the other girls. In speaking to Sarah P., he learned that Alayah not only knew her beforehand through the pageant circuit, she seems more excited about what comes from being famous through the show than being with Pete.

Pete confronted Alayah with this information, and subsequently caught her in a lie about knowing Sarah P. before the show.

In the end, Alayah paid for her treachery and went home to her grandma, along with chill esthetician Alexa, Jasmine and Sarah.

In other Bachelor news, a spin-off called The Bachelor: Listen with Your Heart has been announced. Chris Harrison will host what sounds like a mash-up of American Idol and The Bachelor. Twenty people will live together, going on Bachelor-like group dates and exploring relationships. When duos form, they will be required to go through musical challenges, including duet contests. High scorers will stay in the house, low scorers will be eliminated, until there’s just one couple standing. The show will debut April 13 on ABC.

Back on the parent series, we’re now down to 15 contestants. Who goes home tonight? What will Chris Harrison wear? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

Contestants for the 24th season of The Bachelor.
8:08 p.m.: After the rose ceremony, the women have gathered to talk out the Alayah drama when Chris Harrison appears and tells them to meet him—they’re going to be “making biscuits.”

Kelsey says that she did the right thing and told the truth.

Harrison assures the women that they shouldn’t take Pete’s leaving in the middle of the party upset as a slight. He is, according to Harrison, committed and believes one of the women is his wife-to-be.

Chris Harrison announces that Pete has left L.A.—and that the women will be following him around the world. They’re first headed to Cleveland, Ohio, which gets a muted response from the women. “You have an hour to pack. You will not be coming back,” he warns them ominously.

“When I think of Ohio, I don’t necessarily think of romance,” admits Kelsey.

Cut to Ohio. “This is where Superman came from! Clark Kent was born here!” dorkily enthuses Pete, who hopes the women will be impressed by the city after a dramatic, roller-coaster week.

The women try to say flattering things about the Midwest and Midwestern people as they enthuse over their Cleveland penthouse. They’re barely settled in when the first date card arrives.

The card is for Victoria F. “Today, our love soars to new heights,” she’s informed, which makes Victoria F. worry they’re going to go skydiving—she’s afraid of heights.

The other women worry about their own chances. Mykenna cries over the notion of Pete “not knowing her heart.”

8:18 p.m.: Victoria F. is jazzed for her solo date with Pete, even though she’s petrified as the car taxis up to an airport and Pete waits before his plane.

It turns out Victoria F. will be his co-pilot. She admits she’s “dying inside” and “terrified” as they soar off into the foggy morning together. They land at Cedar Point, an amusement park, and he carries her piggyback style throughout the date.

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Pete voiceovers about how charming she is as they board a slingshot ride and she loudly freaks out.

Victoria F. calls Cedar Point “the coolest place in the world” and says she’s “having the best time.”

Pete says they have “a great chemistry” and likens their relationship to a roller coaster, with a “slow, steady” climb to the top.

Victoria F. and Pete talk about kids. Pete wants to have either four or two because “if you have three, one has to sit on the roller coaster by themself.” Victoria F. wants two, though she does not get more specific.

Blissed out, Pete and Victoria F. walk toward Pete’s surprise—which involves a mass of screaming people, a band onstage, and Victoria F.’s ex-boyfriend, Chase. She admits she’s “freaking out.”

8:27 p.m.: Chase Rice, whom Victoria F. once dated, is up on stage performing. She is visibly uncomfortable, and Pete is wholly oblivious. Rice performs his new single, “Lonely If You Are” and there is much dancing.

“This is one of the coolest dates I’ve ever been on!” says Pete obliviously, who adds that it “couldn’t have gone any better.”

In a talking head segment, Victoria F. cries as she remembers how stressful Pete and Chase talking to one another was.

Victoria F. corners Chase, and she talks to him, admitting she “can’t, like, lie” to Pete about their relationship if asked.

Chase tells her to do what’s best for her, and Victoria F. walks off alone, crying and stressed out in the rain and scared.

8:44 p.m.: Fun fact: Chase told cleveland.com that he felt “duped” by the Bachelor’s producers, and that he just came on to promote his music and was surprised to be asked to perform for his ex-girlfriend.

Pete is basking in their post-concert glory, while Victoria F. continues to stew in her “must-tell-Pete-the-truth” pain.

She finally does it over dinner, admitting that she was the one who broke it off with Chase.

“His lifestyle doesn’t really match up to what I want, and I knew that I wanted to try with you,” she says tearfully.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Pete asks.

“No, not at all!” she says quickly. But as Pete dubs the whole situation weird, Victoria F. runs off and sobs.

The rest of the women wait and speculate if Victoria F. is doing well on her date, assuming she must be, as she got the rose the last two times she went out with Pete.

A group date notice arrives. Victoria P., Kyrah, Natasha, Kelley, Kiarra, Madison, Lexie, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah and Mykenna, are all picked to “tackle love” with Pete, leaving Kelsey in the dust. Thirteen girls, one date, and Kelsey is upset but says she’s crying “happy tears.”

Cut back to Pete and Victoria F., who is upset and crying behind a screen as Pete chases her down.

“I’m so sorry, I knew you were going to react like that,” she sobs.

Pete tries to comfort her, saying he “respects the hell out of her”.

“I really do like you, I’m sorry,” cries Victoria F.

Pete kisses her, and he accepts her apology and praises her honesty.

“Just that he can like, accept me for me at my lowest point. That’s a really great feeling,” Victoria F. says.

“Just know that I do really want you here, even after that most awkward, uncomfortable story,” says Pete. He then offers her a date rose and they slow dance to a cello player’s music.

Pete says he’s “feeling really good” about Victoria.

8:57 p.m.: Pete is excited about his group date, which is taking place at the FirstEnergy Stadium. All 13 girls show up, and Pete talks about how football was his passion as a teenager.

To help Pete with the date are Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon, two pro ballers.

“I’m not going to do this because of my back, still,” said Victoria P. After promising to “coach him on the sidelines,” they kiss, and he massages her shoulders while the other women run drills.

Natasha remains done with Pete’s easily distracted self.

The women are then split into two teams. Jon Doss and Morgan Wright are then introduced to commentate on the “BachelorBowl”—The Killer Bees versus the Eliminators, and the winning team gets more solo time with Pete.

“I am genuinely scared for my life right now,” Hannah Ann later admits over shots of herself being tackled, because the girls are “out for blood” and more solo time with Pete.

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At one point, Pete nicknames Shiann “Shiannimal,” and makes note of Kelley’s killer arm.

Ultimately, the game ends in a tie score, which means the women must all split their time with Pete at the cocktail party. The women are bummed about this turn of events.

Natasha sticks up for Shiann, whose hard work on the field won their team points. “You should grab Peter first, and I will block for your ass until you’re done,” Natasha says.

9:06 p.m.: It’s time for the cocktail party, which is taking place in a restaurant with sharks in giant tanks. The women are still sore—and get even more sore when Victoria P. steals Pete away for solo time.

Victoria P. talks about wanting to cheer her child on someday during a football game, which Pete admits, he wants too. They make out, and Pete admits he’s feeling “very strongly” for her.

“It’s moving so fast,” he adds, but their feelings are strong.

The rest of the women remain jealous. Shiann in particular says she’s “so pissed” she worked so hard for solo time with Pete, calling her “so phony.”

Shiann eventually corners Pete and explains how pissed off she is about feeling “pushed aside” by Victoria P.’s drama.

Cut back to the other women waiting and the sound of shoes clomping on a staircase. Reenter Alayah, as Mykenna shouts “Shut the front door!”

“There’s a ghost in the room!” she adds.

The women curse and are shocked. “Everyone is shooketh to the core,” says Tammy.

“Everyone wants more solo time with you,” Shiann says.

“Mind if I interrupt?” Alayah asks. Shiann clearly minds.

9:16 p.m.: The moment replays when we get back from commercial. Shiann hesitates to give her time. “I don’t know what to say.”

Pete reluctantly decides to give Alayah time, hugging Shiann.

He also hugs Alayah. “I know, I’m sure you’re very confused,” Alayah says, saying there were a few things she wanted to talk about before she could feel comfortable going home.

“You let yourself, in a way, get manipulated by all of the girls,” she says, who asks for time to explain herself.

Pete asks Alayah about the situation and says she and Victoria P. were very close, even taking a trip to Las Vegas together.

“I was in physical shock that she would even say that!” Alayah says. She claims she and Victoria P. knew each other for years beforehand.

Pete remains utterly confused as to who’s telling the truth, so he confronts Victoria P.

“She’s literally telling me the exact opposite of what you told me,” Pete confronts Victoria P.

“Yeah, we went to Vegas together and like hung out,” Victoria P., who demands that Pete look at her.

“I’m um…baffled,” she says. “You can believe that or believe me,” she says, and claims she’s been vulnerable with him while crying.

The women gossip about Victoria P.’s honesty. Mykenna claims she heard Victoria P. being two-faced during her confessional.

Pete brings the two women together. Alayah claims they were closer, that they’ve known one another for awhile, Victoria P. continues to insist they’re not that close.

“I’m not deaf, I’m hearing what Alayah’s saying in front of me.” He points out that these things make Victoria P. look very bad. Who does he trust?

9:26 p.m.: All of the women are tired; they’re done with Alayah and talking about Victoria P.

“I just want to talk to my boyfriend and I literally can’t because he’s consumed in both of those situations,” Tammy sums up.

Pete says that he thinks he made a decision based on the women’s opinions instead of his own. His vowing to follow his own feelings, and since he continues to have them for Alayah, he asks her if she wants to come back.

Alayah says she will, but he’ll need to promise her they can move past this. They hug.

Pete sits down on the couch with the other women and says he’s doing what he feels like he needs to do. He hopes the women will understand that and gives Alayah the rose. The other women are fuming.

Tammy describes herself as disappointed. Victoria P. says this is making her “question everything.” “The woman who wasn’t on the date got the rose,” Hannah Ann notes.

Natasha excuses herself. Outside, Alayah speaks with two other women and spills the Victoria F./Chase drama. “The internet knows everything,” she says.

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“Drama has risen from the dead,” observes Tammy.

9:33 p.m.: “I’ve been a victim so many times, and I’m so over that,” says Alayah to Mykenna, who says that her relationship with Pete is stronger than that.

Lexie and Victoria F., meanwhile, gossip about Alayah. Lexie points out the women faced “bodily harm” in the football game, only to not get a rose.

“He has to clean this sh*t up,” says Victoria P. to Hannah Ann.

Kelsey, meanwhile, gets filled in about Alayah’s return solo. Kelsey handles it with maturity and grace.

“She received it and handled it just like I hoped,” said Pete. The two of them go on a solo date, legging around Cleveland alone. They stop before a polka band and share a dance.

“I was born and raised in Iowa,” says Kelsey, who admits she’d never left the state before The Bachelor. They kiss, they take pictures in a photo booth and stumble upon a soap box derby race.

Kelsey takes a trip in the car, and after Pete gives Kelsey a trophy, they kiss at the crowd’s chanting behest.

9:46 p.m.: Pete and Kelsey sigh over the romantic Cleveland skyline as their date ends and they sip wine.

She thanks him for not running away from who she is. She sadly recounts how her father left the family, leaving behind a letter and a wedding ring, starting a second family.

Pete says it’s beautiful that Kelsey wants to “cultivate a family” even after what she’s been through. She cries, touched, over what that means to her. The two of them share a kiss as fireworks explode overhead.

“I feel so good about us and where we’re headed. She embodies so many qualities in what I’m looking for,” Pete says.

Victoria F., meanwhile, is complaining about Alayah spreading the news about Chase and Victoria F.’s relationship.

“Alayah, we’re going to have a conversation,” said Victoria F., who asks her why she told everyone about her relationship with Chase.

“Well, I had no idea nobody knew,” said Alayah.

“Nobody has their phone here,” Victoria F., who then tells Alayah off for telling everyone about her past relationship.

“I didn’t tell everybody,” Alayah said.

“Then how does everyone know?” Victoria F. asked. She promises to tell Pete everything about the situation. “Good luck, honey.”

All of the women continue to be angry and done with Peter.

“He may not know what he actually wants,” says Natasha. “and that may be the problem.”

10:00 p.m.: It’s time for the rose ceremony, and half of Pete’s prospective brides are annoyed with him.

Deandra and Natasha read Pete the riot act for giving a rose to Alayah, and he apologizes, saying he’s “not a perfect person.” The women do not look accepting.

Victoria P. buttonholes Peter and takes him outside, saying she’s tired of this.

“I can’t sit. I’ve had days to sit and wonder. I’ve been so vulnerable with you, I’ve been nothing but honest with you,” Victoria P. says.

“She’s manipulating you the same way she manipulated me,” Victoria P. said. She points him in the direction of Victoria F., saying it’s “not his story to tell.”

“Run away when it gets real,” Deandra taunts Alayah as she tries to leave.

“I didn’t come back for petty sh*t,” Alayah says.

“That’s exactly why you came back!” says Deandra.

“You’re not a victim, you’re a pot stirrer,” talking heads Victoria F.

Cut to Victoria F. telling Pete all.

“This is just backfiring like no other,” Pete observes. “Oh my god, so much disappointment and frustration from all those girls! I just feel like I’m doing this all wrong.”

Finally, Pete corners Alayah for a talk. As Alayah cries, she says she feels so much better when they’re alone, but with the other girls she gets torn to shreds.

“Why is everyone so against you?” he asks.

“They thought I had too big of a personality, that I was too theatric,” says Alayah, who says she’s been “nothing but honest” with him.

He says he feels like he doesn’t have the time to explore things with her. Pete anxiously loosens his tie as he approaches the rose ceremony.

Pete worries about the hurt he’s causing to these women that he “does trust and does value.” He feels like they’re going to get up and walk on him, and he says he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. And we won’t find out what he’s going to do until next week.

Over the credits, we watch Victoria F. and Pete shoot hoops. He is inept and she’s not half bad at it.

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