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‘Temptation Island’ couple Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar still together and laughing off haters

Temptation Island couple Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar are still going strong after falling in love on Season 1 of the USA Network series, and now they’re just laughing off the haters who never believed in their romance.


USA Network’s first-season revival of Temptation Island was filmed in Hawaii in September 2018, and the season finished airing on the cable network in March 2019.

Evan and Morgan left the show dating each other — after Evan chose to dump his then-girlfriend of 10 years, Kaci Campbell — and then they got engaged about six months after filming ended.

“The last year has been wild,” Evan told People, confirming he and Morgan are still engaged and living together in Washington, D.C.

“The first six months [of our relationship], until the show was done airing, we really weren’t allowed to be out in public together. But ever since the finale, it’s been so much better.”

As viewers saw on the March finale of Temptation Island, Evan gave into temptation and crushed Kaci’s heart in order to pursue a relationship in the real world with Morgan, who was one of 12 single women hoping to steal one of four men from their girlfriends.

(The four women in the committed relationships also got to know 12 single men).

Kaci admitted Evan’s decision at the final bonfire and the lack of hesitation behind it blew her mind and ultimately humiliated and blindsided her.

Ironically, one of the major issues Kaci and Evan had in their relationship was that Kaci presented him with an ultimatum of getting married soon or splitting up, and Evan simply wasn’t ready to take that next step.

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“I knew really, really soon — almost right off the bat — that the way I felt about Morgan, there was no way I could have gone back to my old relationship,” Evan admitted.

“I just wanted to talk to Kaci and get the whole situation out there and prove to Morgan that I truly did want to start a new chapter with her.”

Despite the fact Evan slept with Morgan in the middle of the season and said he wanted to leave Temptation Island with her, Kaci still basically begged Evan to stay with her instead and figure things out once they returned home to Los Angeles, CA.

Kaci had previously claimed to Us Weekly that she was just following through with a deal she and Evan had made prior to filming.

Kaci alleged that Evan had agreed to break up at home and off-camera if their journeys on Temptation Island happened to lead them in different directions.

But Evan told People that he never even considered staying with Kaci just to break up with her later, once production wrapped.

“You know, if I did that, I would have lost Morgan for sure. I knew that I was not going to let the love of my life slip away,” Evan said.

“And I also thought that it would be kind of a cowardly thing to do, to make nice on television and then in the privacy of our own home end things. If I could go back, I would do the same thing.”

Many fans backed Kaci during her time of grief, which prompted many haters and trolls to go after Morgan, Evan and their romance.

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“We knew there would be haters. I think that there’s a lot more than we expected, but we also know that we’re going to be in it for the long haul,” Morgan told People.

“It’s funny. You have to be lighthearted about it. I mean, people get creative with it, too. I give them props. I’ll be dying laughing at some of the things that people say.”

Evan claimed he and Kaci no longer speak, telling the magazine, “That ship has sailed.”

And Morgan apparently has no desire to reach out to Kaci either.

“I wasn’t in their relationship — I never knew her, never met her. And then also, as the season was going on, I was kind of getting angry — because, you know, I’m in love with this person and she was bad-mouthing him every single week,” Morgan admitted.

“So if I were to meet her, I just don’t think that I would have anything nice to say.”

Morgan and Evan were also disappointed fans didn’t get to see the depth in their relationship on Temptation Island. Evan said there were a lot of shots of them making out, but not many moments in which they were having deep conversations.

As for what’s next for Evan and Morgan, the pair said they’re hoping to launch a joint fitness website.

In addition, Morgan plans to get the ball rolling “soon” on their wedding plans.

“I’m such a boy,” Morgan said with a laugh. “Wedding planning isn’t on my priorities. I’m like, ‘Someone do it for me! Make me look pretty.’ That’s all I care about.”

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The second season of Temptation Island premieres Thursday night at 10PM ET/PT on USA Network.

When asked to give the four new couples some advice, Evan shared, “I just hope that the couples left it all out there on the island. I would hate for them to regret anything that they did or not pursue their feelings, be it with somebody they just met or getting back with the significant other they came to the island with.”

And Morgan added, “My advice, for sure, would be to not take everything too seriously. Because you’re always going to have haters and people are really ruthless. You just have to be able to laugh at yourself.”

During last week’s USA Network broadcast of Temptation Island’s Season 2 casting special, Evan reiterated how he knew he had found the love of his life upon meeting Morgan.

“Temptation Island reshaped my future because I wanted answers. I wasn’t happy in my relationship. I just knew something had to happen, and I’m just so glad that Temptation Island was that.”

Kaci also insisted she was thrilled to have starred on Temptation Island, even though she had left the island single and hurting.

“I think Evan definitely just went there to break up with me instead of just being a grown up and doing it in person,” Kaci told the cameras.

“I was heartbroken, but now, looking back, it was the best thing to ever happen to me. Thank God for Temptation Island!”

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