Taylor Swift Gave ‘Queer Eye’ JVN’s Kitty This Amazing ‘GOT’ Nickname

Taylor Swift does not mess around when it comes to her love of cats, so it’s a big deal that she has anointed one famous cat belonging to a star from Netflix’s “Queer Eye.”

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Jonathan Van Ness recently adopted a new BFF after the tragic death of his cat, Bug, when the feline tumbled out of a window and used all of his nine lives up at once.

JVN recently brought Genivieve into his home, but she wasn’t officially a part of the family until a visit from the Cat Whisperer herself, Taylor Swift.

“Aunt Taylor came to meet Genivieve & the other babies last night,” the “Queer Eye” star wrote alongside a photo of Swift looking deep into his kitty’s eyes.

JVN and Swift have developed a close friendship, especially after the “Queer Eye” cast was featured in her music video for “You Need to Calm Down.”

T. Swift responded in the comments and revealed the long string of nicknames she has bestowed on the lucky cat:

“Genivieve of the House Van Ness, First of Her Name, the Unscratched, Queen of Meows and nose boops, Catleesi of the East River, Breaker of Wine Glasses, and Mother of hairballs.”

The moniker is an obvious nod to “Game of Thrones” and Emilia Clarke’s character of Daenerys Targaryen, as she also has a ton of names.

Fans of both JVN and Swift were ecstatic over the collaboration, and even celebrities couldn’t hide their jealousy over not being invited to the naming ceremony.

Olympic figure skating star Michelle Kwan wrote, “So very cool! But you can only have one BFF.”

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That’s one lucky kitty.

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