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‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ votes out Karishma Patel over Noura Salman after chaotic Tribal Council

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Survivor: Island of the Idols voted out Karishma Patel after a chaotic Tribal Council in which Noura Salman was caught in a lie between alliances during the one-hour Season 39 broadcast Wednesday night on CBS.

Karishma, a 37-year-old personal injury lawyer from Philadelphia, PA, who currently resides in Houston, TX, was voted out of the game on Night 32 through a 5-3 vote at Tribal Council instead of Noura, a 36-year-old entrepreneur from London, UK and Bethesda, MD who currently resides in North Potomac, MD, who had been caught trying to play both sides thanks to Dean Kowalski.

“This game was an opportunity for me to learn about myself and what love really means to me,” Karishma said following her ouster, referencing the loved ones’ visit.

“When I saw my husband, I saw a love that’s more powerful than I ever could imagine. That’s the love of being accepted for who you are. I’m going to go home with that feeling in my heart for the rest of my life.”

The Survivor broadcast began on Day 31, with the entire Lumuwaku tribe gathering to meet Survivor host Jeff Probst.

Jeff announced each castaway would receive “some love,” and then they were all reunited with loved ones.

Lauren Beck, a 28-year-old nanny from Bakersfield, CA, was reunited with her husband Matt and Tommy Sheehan, a 26-year-old 4th grade teacher from Bayville, NY, who currently resides in Long Beach, NY, got to see his girlfriend Nicole.

Karishma cried at the sight of seeing her husband Drew and said she felt so alone and “misunderstood” in the game.

After Noura got a big hug from her little sister Lana, Janet Carbin, a 59-year-old chief lifeguard from Neptune, NJ, who currently resides in Palm Bay, FL, was reunited with her husband John.

John came to the island wearing a pink shirt to show Janet they were going to become grandparents to a baby girl.

Dean, a 28-year-old tech salesman from Westfield, NJ, who currently resides in New York, NY, received some love from his mother Lauren, and then Dan Spilo, a 48-year-old talent manager from New York, NY, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, welcomed his adorable 13-year-old son, Ryan.

And finally, Elaine Stott, a 41-year-old factory worker from Woodbine, KY, who currently resides in Rockholds, KY, was so happy and proud to see her girlfriend, Tania.

It then became time for the castaways to compete in a challenge to receive some time with their loved ones.

Two players would be tethered together and must make their way through a series of obstacles, before attempting to land one sandbag into a small wooden disk.

Dean and Elaine were tied together, Tommy was working with Janet, Noura and Dan fought together, and Lauren and Karishma were tethered together.

Tommy and Janet ended up winning Reward in the form of more time with their loved ones.

Tommy and Janet were able to choose one person to enjoy Reward with them, and they picked Dan seemingly because his son is so young. The pair got to pick one more castaway to join them, and so they selected Lauren and her husband.

Karishma was emotional and expressed how she was tired of being at the bottom. She planned to “put a wrecking ball” to someone’s head.

Once everyone returned to camp on Day 31, the winners of the family visit not only got to eat, but they received a shot of energy and hope.

The winners discussed voting out Elaine next because Noura was loyal to all of them. Lauren also called Dean “desperate” and said everyone was mad at Karishma, so neither of them needed to go right away.

Lauren hoped Noura wouldn’t flip, but that’s exactly what she was doing. While the winners ate their feast, Noura spoke to Dean, Elaine and Karishma about how she seemed to be her alliance’s “b-tch” in that she did everything for them but didn’t receive much in return.

Noura was very vocal about how upset she was, and her frustrations turned into an lengthy rant. Noura said she’s “a very transparent player” and was willing to work with the three outcasts.

“I am all the way f-cking in. I am here with you… I am being played by them!” Noura told Dean, Elaine and Karishma, later adding that she refused to be a goat brought to the end by others.

Dean was so happy to see someone from that strong, united group break away, and then he acknowledged Lauren had Tommy “wrapped around her finger,” which scared him.

Dean called Lauren “a big threat” because she’s “very social” and well-liked by the jury. Dean said if Noura joined the loners, the vote would be 4-4.

Dean therefore pointed out they needed to drag another number in with them or find a hidden Immunity Idol to play in order to get what they wanted. The conversation prompted Dean, Noura, Karishma and Elaine to look for an idol around camp.

Suddenly, Elaine found a hidden Immunity Idol “sitting in a tree as pretty as it can be.”

On Day 32, the tribe met Jeff again for the season’s next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Each castaway was required to stand on a small block of wood while stabilizing a ball against an overhanging piece of wood. If at any point the ball dropped, that person would be out of the challenge.

The last person left standing would win immunity and be guaranteed a one in seven shot of getting to the end. One of the losers, however, would be voted out at the next Tribal Council and become the seventh member of the jury.

Dean was out of the challenge very quickly, followed by Tommy, Noura, Janet, Karishma and Dan.

The challenge came down to a showdown between Lauren and Elaine, and after 15 minutes, they were both still standing.

Lauren started crying during the challenge as her arms were in pain, and she started shaking. But Elaine suddenly dropped out, so Lauren won Individual Immunity, and Dean and Noura appeared upset.

Meanwhile, Tommy planned to send Karishma packing, but he admitted anything could happen.

After the challenge, Lauren was so proud of herself because she had dreamed of winning the immunity necklace for 11 years. Lauren, however, didn’t think she needed immunity because she felt safe within her alliance.

Dan, Lauren and Janet discussed how the plan was for Tommy, Dean, Elaine and Lauren to vote for Karishma, while Dan, Janet and Noura would vote for Elaine as the backup choice.

Dan wanted to take out “the cat with nine lives,” meaning Karishma.

Janet told Noura the alliance’s plan, but Noura felt on the bottom of a strong four. Noura felt she was being promised the stars and the moon but would eventually get her throat cut.

Noura was happy to have so much power in this vote, and with that power, she divulged the plan to Karishma and Elaine. Karishma was pleased to hear the news because if the four outcasts banded together, they’d have the numbers and be able to get someone out on the other side.

Karishma, Noura and Elaine then talked amongst themselves about voting out Tommy since Lauren won immunity and was safe. The girls wanted Tommy gone since he and Lauren were so tight.

However, Elaine worried Noura might not stick to the plan “because she’s such a fruit loop.” But as Elaine questioned Noura’s loyalty, she got Dean onboard with the strategy as well.

Noura feared Tommy might play an idol, but Dean said it wouldn’t make sense for their four to put one vote onto somebody else. Dean didn’t think their group needed to play an idol either.

Dean vented to the cameras how Noura was totally confused and couldn’t run numbers through her head correctly. Dean dubbed her “a loose cannon” and realized she was frantic and putting his faith in her was going to be “scary.”

Lauren noticed Dean and Noura were missing, so she voiced her concerns to Dan about them potentially working together.

Lauren and Dean shared their worries with Tommy and Janet, and Tommy explained that if Noura worked with the three outsiders, their group of four would succeed in taking one of them out.

Tommy acknowledged he could be going home since he didn’t have an idol or a necklace around his neck.

Meanwhile, Elaine pondered whether she should play her idol, and she intended to “go big or go home.”

At Tribal Council that night, the jury was welcomed in, and now it included Elizabeth Beisel.

In a surprise twist, Dean whispered to Tommy as Janet spoke about the loved ones’ visit that Elaine and her group wanted him out.

“They want you, but I’m not,” Dean told Tommy.

“How many votes am I getting?” Tommy asked.

“Three,” Dean replied.

Tommy asked Dean if one of those votes happened to be Noura, and Dean nodded his head “yes.” It turned out that Noura wasn’t the person Elaine’s group had to worry about.

Tommy then whispered to Dan, who confronted Noura about her alleged goal to take out Tommy.

“We cannot trust him,” Noura whispered to Dan.

Tommy then spoke to Dean again, while Dan and Lauren discussed the plan. Noura and Janet were also whispering to each other, leaving Karishma and Elaine out.

Noura subsequently called Tommy over and spilled the beans of the plan to vote him out, saying that Dean “could not be trusted.” Elaine, however, insisted that she wasn’t going after Tommy.

Noura announced to the group Dean couldn’t be trusted and he, Elaine and Karishma were on the bottom and trying to get in with their group. Noura said although the group had tried to convince her to go with them, the chance of that happening became “110 percent never!”

Noura also revealed to the entire tribe that Elaine had an idol. Bickering broke out among castaways, and Noura promised Tommy that she was going to have his back but Dean just happened to get to him first because the two guys were sitting next to each other.

“Ten minutes before tribal she was with us a hundred percent,” Karishma declared.

“I made them think that,” Noura could be heard saying. “All day long she was with us. Just use logic.”

Tommy thought Noura was sharing this information too little too late, but she explained that when information is presented to you, you at least think about it.

From the sidelines, Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano pointed out Noura had been caught in a lie and she was trying to talk herself out of it.

Tommy spoke to Lauren privately afterwards and said that if Dean hadn’t warned him about the vote, he’d be the person going home.

“Noura’s a f-cking liar,” Tommy told Lauren.

Noura continued to explain herself to Dan, as Elaine swore to Tommy she was not going to write his name down.

Janet then asked Karishma to write Noura’s name down, and she replied, “I am. I am.” Janet told Dan and Tommy that Karishma would be writing Noura’s name down, and so Tommy reasoned, “Noura has to go next.”

“Tonight or next?” Dan asked, before Tommy was shown hesitating. “Let’s save it.”

Before voting commenced, Tommy asked Dean if they were “good,” and Dean nodded his head. Noura announced Dean was trying to lure everyone in with his “pretty face” but he was just “full of it.”

Tommy said he had learned a big lesson, and then all the castaways placed their votes.

Explaining himself to Elaine, Dean whispered of Noura, “I knew we couldn’t trust her.”

Before Jeff read the votes aloud, Elaine decided to play her hidden Immunity Idol for herself. And then Noura told Dan, “We just regained our power.”

Jeff read the votes in the following order: Karishma, Noura, Noura, Noura, Karishma, Karishma, Karishma, and finally Karishma.

One of Noura’s votes read, “Noura will NEVER know best.”

“All that talk just to vote out Karishma?” Rob noted from behind the scenes, although he thought for a moment Noura had “screwed herself.”

Tommy thanked Dean at the end of Tribal Council, to which Dean noted, “You bet. We’ll talk.”

Kellee Kim was shown telling Jack Nichting on the jury the tribe was making “the dumbest moves.”

The episode’s closing credits later showed that Janet, Dan and Karishma voted for Noura, while Lauren, Tommy, Dean, Elaine and Noura voted for Karishma.

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