Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost Wedding Rumors


Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost have only been engaged for around 3 months, but the tabloids have already published several false stories about their upcoming wedding. No date has been officially announced by the couple but that hasn’t stop the tabloids from pushing all kinds of stories, ranging from the possible venue to “feuds” with other celebrities also getting married soon. Here are a few wrong reports that Gossip Cop has busted.

A week after the couple announced their engagement in May, Woman’s Day falsely claimed Johansson and Jost were having their wedding at Hugh Jackman’s house. The outlet quoted a “source” as claiming to know who was on the guest list, what was going to be on the menu, who would be performing and who was making Johansson’s dress. The whole shindig was just a tabloid fantasy. Separate reps for both Johansson and Jackman denied the premise.

A couple of weeks later, Life & Style wrongly report that Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence were “feuding” over their respective weddings. The tabloid maintained that the two actresses have never liked each other and were trying to “outdo” each other’s nuptials. When Gossip Cop reached out to the Avengers star’s rep, we got back a scathing rebuke of the story that not only rejected the false report of the wedding feud, but of any sort of feud between the two stars at all.

In August, Star jumped into the fray with an erroneous story claiming Jost and Johansson would getting married on a rooftop in New York “with a glorious view of Manhattan.” A so-called “insider” claimed “save the dates” had already been sent out to guests. The engaged couple hadn’t sent out any invites to an unplanned rooftop wedding. A spokesperson for Johansson told Gossip Cop there was “no truth” to the article. The actress’s rep went on say that a date for the wedding hadn’t been set, let alone invites being sent out.

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It’s also worth noting, just days before the couple announced their engagement, Star made up a story about Johansson and Jost “calling it quits.” The tabloid alleged that the actress was “caught cozying up” to an unidentified man, without any proof to back up the accusation. Just days after we corrected the phony report, the couple announced they would be getting married. One would think the magazine would be embarrassed enough to stop creating fiction about Johansson and Jost, but instead, the tabloid just started making up stories about their wedding. Gossip Cop will continue to bust these inaccuracies.

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