Report: ‘My 600 Lb Life’ Star Lupe Donovan’s Estranged Husband Cheats On Her With Co-Star

Lupe Has Yet To Comment On The Report Regarding Her Estranged Husband, Though It Seems Like The Relity TV Star Isn’t Planning To End Their Marriage As She Reportedly Never Signs Their Divorce Paperwork.

“My 600 Lb Life” star Lupe Donovan’s estranged husband has found a new lady and it’s none other that her own co-star on the TLC show. Gilbert Donovan appeared to confirmed rumors of him romancing Karina Garcia when they recently posted a loved-up photo of themselves.

In the new photo, Karina was seen kissing Gilbert’s neck while looking at the camera. The pic arrives after Gilbert and Karina had been rumored to be dating for months though they denied it.

Back in February, Gilbert, who is technically married to Lupe, went on Instagram Live to explain that he was Karina’s “personal trainer.” He went on saying that they were just “best friends.”

Lupe has yet to comment on the report regarding her estranged husband. However, it seems like the relity TV star isn’t planning to end their marriage as she reportedly never signs their divorce paperwork.

Lupe and Gilbert appeared in season 4 of “My 600 Lb Life”. The latter was arguably one of the most hated stars on the show after he was seen pressuring sex almost immediately after weight loss surgery in her debut episode.

Lupe, who is also known as Lupita Samano, once weighed over 500 pounds when she was a teenager. She collapsed and went into a diabetic coma when she was in her 20s. During her appearance on the show, she underwent weight loss surgery to get rid of 300 pounds. Gilbert helped her doing her things as she was bedridden at the time.

She shared that her addiction to food began when she was little, not long after her father abandoned her. It was said that her father put her and her sister Maria in the bathtub. While her sister got out of tub, Lupe sat still for eight hours. She waited for her father to return but he never did.

Now, she is looking better after losing 420 pounds in two years!

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