Quality Control & Quavo – Double Trouble Feat. Meek Mill

Meek Mill and Quavo are up to no bueno.

While QC as busy overcoming bureaucratic hurdles to have Uzi’s verse resubmitted to “Pink Toes,” Meek Mill was busy stealing the show with nothing but a leaky faucet for a metronome. “Double Trouble” finds Meek Mill assimilating another rapper’s basic form just for the hell of it. To Quavo’s credit, he does set the pace from a standing position. Meek’s contribution is unlike any other on Control the Streets Volume 2.

On “Double Trouble” Quavo and Meek Mill come to terms admirably, with the Philly rapper insisting upon leaving a bedfellow in pool of his and her own thottery. Quite coincidentally, it was a week of second comings for Meek Mill, as Rick Ross reawakened the sleeping giant that was his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, by conjuring up stories of the past on Port of Miami 2. The beauty of commercial rap from a seller’s point of view, is that you can oscillate between romance and plain thottery, and no one’ll call your bluff.

Quotable Lyrics

Mastermind my shirt, yeah, cost a rack
I just caught a body on the thottie, ain’t call her back
Drink some water, mind my business, that’s how I’m living
I woke up was in my feelings, give my momma millions
N—-s broke, tryna beef, I ain’t trying to kill ’em
Tell ’em eat smoke, yo dawg just wanna ride wit’ them.

– Meek Mill

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