Nicole Kidman Fears Keith Urban Will Relapse During Las Vegas Residency?

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Is Nicole Kidman worried that Keith Urban might relapse during his upcoming Las Vegas residency? That’s what one of the tabloids is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and we can confirm it’s totally false.

OK! alleges the actress is looking into ways to ensure her husband’s sobriety remains intact as he prepares for his 12-date residency next year. “Temptation is everywhere in Vegas, and she’s seen him relapse, so she knows it could happen again,” an anonymous source tells the publication, which notes that Urban spent some time in rehab after the couple’s 2006 wedding. He’s remained sober since, but the “insider” still insists, “She’s urged him to turn down the residency offer, but Keith told her she was being ridiculous.”

The couple’s disagreement didn’t end there, according to the unknown insider. Urban “feels like Nicole doesn’t trust him,” the questionable tipster claims. “In Nicole’s eyes, he’s an addict and always will be. Nobody would be surprised if she accompanied him to every show or paid a sober coach to keep an eye on him. She’s taking this seriously.”

Gossip Cop ran the story by Kidman’s spokesperson, who assures us there’s “no truth” to the magazine’s premise. This is a familiar storyline for the tabloids. If a star has ever been open and honest about their past struggles, the publications use that as a target for rumors and allegations about the celebrity’s relationships or personal life.

This was the case in February when the National Enquirer, a sister publication of OK!, incorrectly reported that Kidman was joining Urban on his tour to make sure that he stayed sober. Even New Idea latched onto the idea of Kidman struggling to deal with Urban relapsing in a bogus article last November. Although Urban has given plenty of credit to his wife for helping him get sober, that doesn’t mean that she’s his caretaker or untrusting of her husband. Considering the strength of their marriage and how happy the two appear together, it’s obvious that Kidman only sees Urban as her husband — not just some “addict.”

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Of course, OK! isn’t free from shoddy reporting either. In April, Gossip Cop debunked its claims about Kidman and Urban fighting over having another child. Just a few weeks later, we called the magazine out again for a separate story about Kidman and Urban faking their marriage and constantly disagreeing. No matter how many times the tabloids publish falsehoods about Urban and Kidman’s relationship, it doesn’t change the state of their marriage or the country star’s sobriety.

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