Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Jealous Of Each Other?

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are constantly the subjects of divorce rumors in the tabloids. One of the most reoccurring themes is that they’re both jealous of the other supposedly getting too close with a co-star or fellow musician. Gossip Cop has debunked many articles like this, including five this year alone.

Back in March, Woman’s Day falsely reported that Kidman was upset about Urban “getting cozy” with Julia Michaels, the singer/songwriter that served as the opening act for Urban’s Graffiti U World Tour in Australia. According to a so-called “insider,” Kidman had “every right to find their behavior intimidating and highly inappropriate especially as Keith’s so unapologetic and borderline smug about it all.” Kidman, according to the phony tipster, was “enraged” by the supposed flirting between the two country singers. Only, she wasn’t and there was no flirting. The whole story was bogus, as Gossip Cop was told after checking with Kidman’s rep, who dismissed the story as “nonsense.”

One month later, New Idea reported Urban was concerned about Kidman getting too close to Hugh Grant, her co-star on HBO’s The Undoing. This silly notion that Urban is jealous of one of his wife’s co-stars is an ongoing motif of these bogus reports. Gossip Cop often points to simple searches of the star’s Instagram page to debunk the notion, as we did here. We also heard from Urban’s spokesperson, who laughed it off as nonsense.

In June, it was another one of Kidman’s co-stars, Edgar Ramirez, who was making Urban jealous. See a pattern here? Woman’s Day once again falsely reported that the country star was upset with his wife because she “will mention something funny or sweet Edgar’s done,” and that “clearly ignited a fire inside Keith.” The story was completely untrue. Gossip Cop busted the story, but knowing we would not be done with this trope.

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Sure enough, in September, Woman’s Day was back at it, claiming Kidman wanted Taylor Swift to “stay away” from Urban after he posted an Instagram video of him playing her song “Lover” in concert, to which Swift replied positively. Rather than take the back and forth for what it was, two musicians complimenting each other, the tabloid spun a yarn about the Instagram conversation making Kidman jealous. She wasn’t jealous of Urban covering a song Swift had written for her longtime boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Of course, the outlet ignored that part, as it didn’t fit the narrative.

Once again, in October, Woman’s Day ran another phony story about the singer being jealous of one of his wife’s co-stars. This time, the publication asserted Urban was “furious” over Kidman working with Alexander Skarsgard on the film The Northman after co-starring together on HBO’s hit Big Little Lies. Gossip Cop busted the scenario after checking with Kidman’s rep, who assured us it was untrue. It was just the latest example of the tabloid inventing jealousy where there is none.

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