N.O.R.E. – Energy

New music from N.O.R.E.

N.O.R.E hasn’t necessarily been putting a ton of his energy towards music these days. With the Drink Champs podcast really making waves these days, he’s been focusing more on being an on-air personality and hip-hop journalist than he is on his rap career. Every one and a while, he comes through with some new vibes for his day one fans. Today, he unleashed his new single, “Energy” which serves up some nostalgic vibes. Throughout the track, N.O.R.E sheds a reminder of his impact on the game before Drink Champs. While he does reminisce on his younger days when he was admittedly a bit more reckless, he delivers some grown-man raps as he brings back some of that old head “energy.”

Peep N.O.R.E.’s new track “Energy” below.


Quotable Lyrics
Nicki went to Joe, we laughed and respected that
Queens get the money, that’s first, never neglected that
Fat Joe squashed it with Jay, see, I connected that
Both sides have respect for the God, and I accepted that
These bars gonna hit ’em like a mickey
This freestyle to re-think you’re top 50

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