Murs – Tony Robbins Pocketbook

Get lost in this instrumental

Murs is an established lyricist and poet in the rap game. He came through with the album The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey is Over last week featuring production by 9th Wonder and The Soul Council. When you see 9th’s name connected to any project, you already know the beats are about to be heavenly. That is the best way to describe the instrumental for “Tony Robbins Pocketbook.” The second to last track on The Iliad is Dead and the Odyssey is Over is gorgeous in both production and lyricism.

Strings and a lovely sample of what can only be an angel harmonizing set the backdrop for Murs to drop knowledge. The talented lyricist touches on religion, love, music, and several other topics that would make for a good debate. Murs opts to let the chorus breathe a bit, and he speaks from the heart instead of reciting rhymes over the part of the song that should be a hook.

Quotable Lyrics
The Iliad is dead, The Odyssey is over
Found God within me, started searchin’ for Jehovah
What you searchin’ for? Where you focus at?
If it’s happiness, no one can give you that
It flows from within, it knows all your sins
You can never win bein’ envious of other men
Covetousness is such a sin

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