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‘Modern Family’ Sarah Hyland Shares Emotional Tribute 1-Year After Cousin’s Death

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Sarah Hyland’s family is still reeling from the loss of the “Modern Family” star’s 14-year-old cousin, and she is honoring the young man on the 1-year anniversary of his tragic death. Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Hyland wrote about the loss of Trevor Canaday.

“Thinking about my family today. Exactly one year ago my little cousin was killed by a drunk driver. A senseless and reckless act took away a beautiful soul. You’ll forever be in our hearts and in the sunsets. Love you Trevor.”


On December 1, 2018, Trevor and his dad Bryan, Hyland’s Uncle, were driving to a show choir when they were hit by a drunk driver. Trevor was ejected from the vehicle and later died at the hospital, while Bryan was transported with life-threatening injuries.

Hyland announced the news on her Instagram page at the time as a GoFundMe had been set up to help cover funeral expenses and medical bills for Bryan.

“This is my 14 year old cousin Trevor. Yesterday, he was killed by a drunk driver. My uncle is still in the hospital in need of more surgeries.”

According to the GoFundMe Page, which raised over $45,000 for Trevor’s family:

“His dad, Bryan, is recovering physically, but sadly Trevor has gained his wings and is singing and playing some crazy football in heaven.

We are looking to help his mom, Becky, with funeral and hospital expenses in any way we can! We hope to have the funeral entirely covered and then will move forward with covering medical expenses from keeping Trevor stable and from dads surgery’s and rest at the hospital (UNMC). We will be getting the money to Mom (Becky) as soon as possible with the help of all of you by her being the beneficiary and depositing money into her account to relieve her worries as much as we can.”

The donation site also explained, “Trevor was a funny, smart, innovative, athletic, goofy kid and he was so loved. His memory will live on in many ways.”

Jeffrey Eggeling

The man responsible for the death of Trevor and injuries to Bryan was 37-year-old Jeffrey Eggeling. The accident was caused after Eggeling ran a red light and collided with Bryan and Trevor’s vehicle while they were crossing the intersection. He then took off from the scene of the crime, as stated in the police report.

“The driver of the at-fault vehicle, who was later identified as Jeffrey Eggeling, left the scene of the collision on foot. The collision resulted in two individuals from the other involved vehicle suffering life-threatening injuries. Eggeling was located on foot a short distance from the collision scene.”

Police also said he smelled of alcohol and had “slurred speech,” as well as a blood-alcohol level of .103.

It turns out Eggeling had been charged with driving intoxicated before, and prosecutors went after him for the maximum penalty. After being charged, and pleading no contest, Eggeling was sentenced to 43 to 53 years in prison on Thursday for vehicular homicide and drunken driving.

At his sentencing, Eggeling apologized for the pain he caused the family and apologized for being a “foolish, sick, cowardly human for running from that intersection.”

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