‘Modern Family’ Sarah Hyland Is Getting a Dinosaur Tattoo Lasered Off Her Butt

Laser tattoo has become a common day occurrence as people find themselves later in life regretting the ink they got when they were young and wild, and nobody can relate to that more than “Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland. She recently shared a session from her tattoo laser removal process and is providing official evidence that tattoos can sometimes be a real pain in the butt. Hyland recently a video from her Instagram Stories of a tattoo removal technical furiously working on her backside.


“Actual reaction to some laser tattoo removal,” Hyland captioned the Instagram vid. She added, “Oof…that hurt. Spicy,”

She also tagged the laser technician, , Nurse Jamie, who happens to be a skincare expert to the stars and boasts A-list clients like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Ashley Tisdale and even Dr. Drew Pinsky. The good doc loves Nurse Jamie so much he gave her a testimonial, saying, “I love working with Jamie, she’s made my skin look great!”

How It Works

Nurse Jamie’s website touts her laser removal process, which she claims is done “as quickly and painlessly as possible without damaging the skin.”

“We use the HarmonyXL laser with a customized hand piece that allows us to incorporate two different laser wavelengths to treat a wide range of colored tattoos. Tattoo ink and natural pigmentation, like melanin, absorb short pulse duration/high peak energy pulses, creating a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters. This effect breaks down the ink into much smaller particles that can be more easily removed by the body’s natural filtering system.”

The Butt Tattoo

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The “Modern Family” star’s butt tattoo first made its debut in 2017 when she showed off the matching tat she apparently got with a friend. Hyland was wearing a tiny bikini and showing off her rear end. Placed on her left cheek sits a cute little T-Rex, while Hyland’s friend got her dino tat on her right cheek. “We believe in dinosaurs,” the star captioned the photo. She never really explained the meaning behind the tattoos, but there had to have been a good story behind them.

Creating Controversy

Sarah Hyland is not afraid of having a good time and creating a little controversy in the process. Last week she caught some heat over a wedding photo booth photo that irked some people. The star posted a photo with fiancé Wells Adams, and two other couples, in a handsy NSFW photo that was clearly done as a joke.

However, some fans thought it sent the wrong message, deeming the shot explicitly inappropriate.

“This is completely sick. Strong #metoo vibes. What is it with LA and everyone being a creep?” one person commented.

Another wrote, “Like queens = like objects? The dissolution of patriarchal gender relations can’t come soon enough.”

The backlash apparently got out of control, and Hyland appears to have deleted the comments from a specifically nasty commenter.

Luckily, many fans realized it wasn’t worth starting a war over, and the fact that Hyland posted it means she clearly consented to what was going on.

We’re not sure what the bigger pain in the butt was for the star this week … the tattoo removal or the Instagram trolls!

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