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‘Married at First Sight’ stars Amber Bowles and Iris Caldwell want their own spinoff series

Married at First Sight stars Amber Bowles and Iris Caldwell are interested in starring in a MAFS spinoff of their own.


Iris conducted a Q&A with her followers on Instagram Stories on Thursday and answered some burning questions from Married at First Sight viewers — including whether she and her pal Amber would be interested in starring in a Married at First Sight spinoff.

The follower suggested the girls could show their cool lives after divorce.

“That right there, y’all talk to our network, because me and Amber would be in 100 percent!” Iris replied in a video to the question.

Amber then reposted Iris’ video with the question attached and wrote under it, “Yessssss!!!! Let’s do this! @mafslifetime @kineticcontent @lifetime.”

Iris and Amber’s marriages to Keith Manley and Matthew Gwynne, respectively, were featured on Married at First Sight’s latest season that was set in Charlotte, NC. Both marriages ended in divorce although the unions had started out promising.

Amber and Iris both recently confirmed on Instagram they’re single and not dating.

“I don’t have a man nor do I want a man at this point in my life,” Amber recently confirmed.

Iris, however, said in her Q&A session this week she’d maybe change her mind about dating if the right man happened to come along.

When asked whether she’d be interested in starring on The Bachelorette one day, Iris replied in her Instagram Stories, “Okay, I don’t mind being the Bachelorette! Okay?! My family made a petition for everybody to sign to get me on The Bachelorette. No lie.”

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The women are clearly both open to more reality television in their future.

On Married at First Sight’s ninth season, which wrapped on Lifetime in September, Matt had checked out of his marriage to Amber quite early on in the process and treated her poorly.

Not only did Matt stop sleeping with Amber and disappear some nights, sometimes for 24 hours at a time — leaving Amber alone to cope with her pre-existing feelings of abandonment — but he was also accused of cheating with multiple women throughout the eight-week experiment.

Iris seemed to have a very healthy relationship with Keith during the show. The pair rarely fought during their marriage and Keith and Iris supported each other during tough times, including the death of Keith’s beloved grandmother.

However, Iris signed up for the show as a virgin, and Keith had an issue with Iris’ alleged lack of emotional maturity due to her lack of sexual and relationship experience.

Iris wanted to stay married when it became time for the couples to continue working on their marriages or get divorced on “Decision Day,” but Keith blindsided her and opted to proceed with a divorce.

Both Amber and Iris left Married at First Sight devastated and heartbroken, but their friendship persevered. Both ladies also later insisted the show had made them stronger, wiser and more confident in themselves than ever.

The tenth season of Married at First Sight is set to premiere January 1 on Lifetime and feature couples who live in the Washington, D.C area.

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The series has also been picked up for an eleventh edition, which will also air next year and likely be filmed in New Orleans, LA, based on a recent casting call.

Married at First Sight features experts matching up pairs of strangers based on their compatibility, goals, physical type, hobbies, religion, views of marriage and gender roles, and more.

Last season’s experts were sociologist Dr. Pepper, marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson, and newcomer Dr. Viviana Coles, a psychotherapist who replaced Dr. Jessica Griffin.

After meeting for the first time on their big day, each couple gets married and the next six to eight weeks of their lives are documented — beginning with their wedding ceremony, reception and honeymoon, and continuing with the joys and struggles of daily life as they move in together and adjust to their new life as newlyweds.

Married at First Sight’s ninth season ended with two couples choosing to stay married, although both Iris and Amber got divorces. Those couples were Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson as well as Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie.

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