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‘Married at First Sight’ star Zach Justice: My biggest fear was not having chemistry with Mindy Shiben

Married at First Sight star Zach Justice has admitted his biggest fear going into the show’s tenth season was not having chemistry with his wife, who turned out to be Mindy Shiben.

Mindy, a 34-year-old figure skating coach from Frederick, MD, and Zach, a 32-year-old fitness professional from St. Mary’s, GA, were matched to marry on Season 10 by Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Viviana Coles.

During a Wednesday appearance on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, host Jamie Otis asked Zach to reveal his biggest fear going into the extreme experiment.

“As far as going through the interviews and your preferences on the type of people you are interested in, I would say that I wouldn’t know what to do if the match weren’t anywhere within the ballpark,” Zach shared.

“Were you scared if there’s not instant chemistry?” Jamie asked for clarification.

“Absolutely, yeah,” Zach replied. “One hundred percent.”

Jamie could definitely relate to Zach’s fear given she wasn’t physically attracted to Doug Hehner, whom she was matched to marry on Season 1 of Married at First Sight. However, chemistry developed over time for the couple and now Jamie and Doug are happily married today.

When Mindy first met Zach at the altar on their wedding day, she gushed about how handsome he looked in front of the couple’s family and friends.

Zach said on Unfiltered his first impression of Mindy was that she’s “very pretty.”

“Visually, she’s pretty, but there’s still so much more to explore. So you immediately go from the visual, and you’re like, ‘Okay,’ and then [it’s] like, ‘What else do I need to know? What else am I excited to learn?'” Zach explained.

“And that’s where it kind of just naturally went to from that first instance.”

Zach then confirmed his first impression of Mindy was “good.”

Jamie subsequently asked Zach’s Married at First Sight co-star Meka Jones and Pastor Cal what their initial thoughts were of Zach and Mindy at their wedding ceremony.

“I thought they looked so cute,” Meka said. “I mean obviously when you have your own wedding you don’t get to see this stuff, but seeing them, it’s so cute! Like, I’m happy for them.”

And Pastor Cal agreed, saying, “Yeah, I think they look great together.”

“You made her feel comfortable,” Pastor Cal told Zach. “And I love that.”

Later in the Unfiltered broadcast, Zach watched back a clip of one of Katie Conrad’s tipsy bridesmaids informing new husband Derek Sherman to “bring the fire” in the bedroom. The clip, in fact, left Pastor Cal “speechless.”

Zach said while Derek handled the situation well, he’s definitely glad he didn’t have to go through that with Mindy’s bridesmaids.

“Personally, that would make it a little intense, as far as, ‘Okay, now I have to take this note home with me and live up to this preference,'” Zach admitted.

That led into a conversation about what Meka and Zach’s preferences are in the bedroom.

“This is really unfiltered, huh?” Zach joked. “Umm, I guess I would say explorative — very explorative.”

“Being explorative I think is something I definitely value in a relationship,” he added.

When Mindy was being interviewed by the MAFS experts before she was cast on Season 10, and she admitted she likes to spice things up with toys in the bedroom and some role playing.

“Are you up for toys?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah,” Zach responded. “Yeah.”

“Okay! This could be a match made in heaven, Pastor Cal!” Jamie yelled.

Pastor Cal then joked about Tonka trucks and Lego toys.

There was no doubt Mindy was sexually attracted to Zach after meeting him. She even gushed to her Married at First Sight co-star, Jessica Studer, in the bathroom on their wedding night that Zach looks like a Ken doll.

Mindy couldn’t stop smiling and giggling after exchanging vows with the buff personal trainer.

“What’s it like watching your wife, Mindy, be so giddy about you?” Jamie asked Zach.

“I had no idea. I really [didn’t]. I mean, [she played it cool that day]. It’s amazing to see how excited she was and how giddy she was. Like, I adore that,” Zach explained.

Jamie noted it must have been quite the ego boost for Zach.

Despite Zach’s claims he thought Mindy was pretty and he had a good first impression of her, Married at First Sight’s most recent episode showed Mindy wandering around the couple’s honeymoon hotel after Zach allegedly told her that he wasn’t building a physical attraction to her.

“I don’t want to go back to that room. Because he told me, ‘I’m not building any kind of attraction to you and what do you want me to do about that,'” Mindy said in a video she appeared to record herself on her phone.

“And I tell him, ‘Well, I guess this isn’t going to work out,’ and he says, ‘That’s not the response that I was hoping for.'”

Mindy wasn’t sure how to feel in the moment, but she insisted she wasn’t angry.

“I’m not pissed. I don’t know what I am right now,” Mindy told the cameras.

“I can’t even say I’m hurt. I’m kind of just thinking, ‘Who the f-ck is this guy? What the f-ck did I marry?’ This was probably a really, really bad idea.”

Married at First Sight is currently airing on Wednesday nights at 8PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

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