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‘Married at First Sight’ star Elizabeth Bice: Jamie Thompson is the king of low blows!

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Married at First Sight star Elizabeth Bice feels her husband Jamie Thompson has an unfortunate habit of lashing out with below-the-belt comments.

“Yeah, he is the king of low blows,” Elizabeth said on Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, which is hosted by Jamie Otis.

One day before “Decision Day,” Elizabeth and Thompson went out for lunch and Thompson harped on the lack of sex he and his wife were having, saying it was a real concern for him.

“I feel like you talk a lot of game and talk about this sexual being that you are, but at the end of the day, you’re really not and it’s hard for me to deal with,” Thompson complained in previous episode.

“You don’t think I’m a sexual being?” Elizabeth asked.

“No, not in the least… There’s a lot of excuses,” Jamie replied, before telling the cameras, “When I try to act on that, she shuts me down. I think she needs the validation; she needs the reassurance that she’s sexy. But she doesn’t really care if things progress past that.”

Elizabeth watched back part of that clip when she appeared on Unfiltered along with her Married at First Sight co-stars Amber Bowles and Gregory Okotie.

“I thought going into this you were going to make it through one meal without getting in an argument,” Otis told her guest on the show.

“Trust me, I tried to get through a day without getting into an argument,” Elizabeth replied.

“That wasn’t your fault [for] that one,” Amber noted of the fight.

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“Okay, I’ve been holding back a little bit. This is the sh-t that I have to deal with on Jamie,” Elizabeth said.

“When you say I’m not a sexual being, what kind of f-cking female human being wants to hear that?!”

Otis then pointed out, “Especially hearing that from your husband.”

“Exactly! And I’m supposed to be wanting to stay with you after this?! Like, no!” Elizabeth vented.

“He is the king of low blows,” Amber noted.

And that’s when Elizabeth agreed with Amber’s notion and repeated, “Yeah, he is the king of low blows.”

“Just because you’re not having sex doesn’t mean that you’re not a sexual being,” Amber pointed out.

“But that’s the twisted part, like, we were having sex every other day, if not every day,” Elizabeth reasoned.

Otis then switched the focus onto Amber and Greg by asking the pair whether they are “sexually compatible” with their spouses, Matthew Gwynne and Deonna McNeill, respectively.

“So on the honeymoon, I really did feel a lot of physical chemistry and a lot of sexual compatibility, but it really faded quickly,” Amber said.

And Greg simply answered of his sex life with Deonna, “Yes,” later adding, “That’s it… We vibe very well.”

Otis joked about how Greg and Deonna must be “getting down and funky” and so she could leave that topic alone for the time being.

Finally, Otis asked Elizabeth on Unfiltered whether Thompson’s behavior at lunch that day would have an impact on her decision to stay with her husband or divorce him on “Decision Day.”

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“Yeah, absolutely. 100 percent,” Elizabeth insisted. I mean, yeah. Yeah!”

Elizabeth and Thompson, however, both ended up choosing to stay married on Married at First Sight’s “Decision Day,” which aired on Wednesday night after the Unfiltered broadcast. Greg and Deonna also chose to remain married.

But Amber and Matt agreed to get a divorce. As for the other Season 9 couple, Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley, Keith blindsided and dumped Iris, who was hoping her marriage was going to last forever.

The Season 9 reunion special for Married at First Sight is set to air next week on Wednesday, September 18 on Lifetime and feature updates on the current status of each relationship.

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