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‘Married at First Sight’ couples bash Zach for not moving in with Mindy — “He’s a douchebag!”

Married at First Sight’s prior couples have bashed Zach Justice’s decision not to move in with wife Mindy Shiben after their honeymoon, calling the personal trainer a “douchebag” and “trash.”

Former Married at First Sight couples Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico, Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, and Bobby Dodd and Danielle Bergman all gave a piece of their minds while watching Mindy move into a new apartment by herself during Wednesday night’s broadcast of Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, which features commentary on encore broadcasts of Married at First Sight’s tenth season.

Mindy and Zach’s relationship issues clearly lingered once they returned to the Washington, D.C. area from their honeymoon in Panama because Zach didn’t want to live with Mindy even though the show had provided them with a “neutral” place to live together.

“Zach told me he wasn’t ready to move in, so we just [went] our separate ways… I’m following through on my commitments. I’m hoping Zach will eventually decide to move in and really make this work, but only time will tell,” Mindy told the cameras in the latest Season 10 episode of Married at First Sight.

Bobby started off the slamming session by saying, “Zach’s a douche,” before looking right into the camera and saying more firmly and emphatically, “He’s a douche!”

“I just don’t think he’s thinking about how he’s making her feel at all,” Danielle said on Couples Couch.

“He doesn’t care,” Bobby noted.

Ashley admitted she just didn’t understand what Zach was doing.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” Ashley said.

Jamie didn’t understand why Mindy was moving into the apartment alone, but Elizabeth explained to her husband it’s because Mindy “fully commits” to everything in this process.

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“I appreciate that,” Jamie said. “That’s such a d-ck move, bro. Come on.”

Danielle suspected Mindy and Zach’s marriage was pretty much doomed at this point in the experiment.

“How are you going to give it a chance when you’re not even going to be around?” Danielle reasoned.

Ashley then said, “She’s the one that shouldn’t be attracted to him, because even if he is a very good looking guy, his attitude and the words he is saying are not attractive,” Ashley shared.

“Like, I was attracted to Zach, and I am no longer.”

Anthony joked in reply, “Yeah, you are.”

“No I’m not!” Ashley yelled. “Oh my God, no.”

It was clear the former Married at First Sight couples sympathized with what Mindy was going throug

“I feel bad for her,” Danielle noted.

“I do too,” Bobby agreed.

A clip then showed Zach waking up in bed by himself next to his dog.

“Douchebag,” Elizabeth murmured. “I knew he was a douchebag. I knew it!”

After Elizabeth poked fun at the black brimmed hat Zach wore on his honeymoon in Panama, she said, “The dog is cuter than he is.”

Bobby then made fun of Zach’s green shirt, with Danielle adding it had a really “deep V” neckline.

“He, like, shops at Baby Gap,” Bobby said. “Everything is real small.”

As Zach attempted to explain his stance on sleeping away from Mindy, saying he was “taking it from a different vantage point,” Jephte looked at Shawniece and asked, “What is he talking about?”

Shawniece shook her head from side to side, confirming she had no idea either.

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It seemed Shawniece and Jephte were having the same problem Mindy had on her honeymoon when Mindy claimed Zach talks in circles and often says a lot without saying anything at all.

“Why do I just not believe anything that comes out of his mouth?” Elizabeth asked.

“I want to believe the guy but it just doesn’t make sense,” Jamie admitted.

Zach claimed he was doing what felt right and comfortable to him and his goal was to allow his relationship to advance naturally rather than forcing it by moving in with his stranger wife.

“I don’t want to try to just put on a show,” Zach said, explaining that he didn’t want to go against what he believes in for the sake of the Married at First Sight process.

But Ashley had a bone to pick with Zach’s explanation.

“That’s what you’re doing, is putting on a show, by you saying you want [your marriage] to work when you’re not even trying,” Ashley said.

“I just can’t dumb myself down enough for this dude,” Elizabeth said. “I don’t mean to sound mean, but he just doesn’t make sense.”

Zach claimed he had hope chemistry and attraction would evolve and grow over time as he and Mindy — who were a great match on paper — got to know each other better.

“How are you even going to get the chance to get to know her if you,” Jephte began.

“If you’re staying apart!” Shawniece interjected in agreeance.

Zach did admit making the marriage work was going to take a lot of effort since he was making the “unpopular” decision for the circumstance; however, he noted what he was doing was conventional given he and Mindy are strangers.

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“But you signed up for something unconventional!” Jephte pointed out.

Jephte joked about how he was the pot calling the kettle black because he chose to sleep on the floor after marrying Shawniece on their season of Married at First Sight.

“But I would rather you sleep on the floor than have to slept in different places,” Shawniece said.

The Couples Couch stars then watched back a clip of Mindy meeting with her friend over some wine and pasta, when Mindy dished she felt like she was the only person in her marriage.

“They’re about to light his ass up!” Jephte exclaimed with a laugh.

“I would’ve gotten a bigger cup of wine,” Elizabeth joked.

After Mindy told her pal that Zach had said he wasn’t attracted to her, Ashley asked Anthony, “Is that necessary to say to somebody?!”

Mindy said Zach believed it wasn’t healthy to live together but he still wanted to work on the marriage, and then Mindy’s friend called him out for being “full of sh-t.”

“He’s so full of sh-t!” Elizabeth agreed.

“Yeah, you don’t really work on the marriage when you’re not there,” Jamie noted.

Ashley observed it must have been so tough for Mindy at this point in the experiment because her marriage was clearly failing but she still tried to maintain a positive attitude.


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