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‘Married at First Sight’ alums slam Matt Gwynne for lying and cheating on Amber Bowles


Married at First Sight’s prior couples aren’t happy about Matthew Gwynne’s disrespectful behavior and treatment of his wife Amber Bowles on the show’s ninth season — and they aren’t hiding it.

Former Married at First Sight couples Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar, Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta, and Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd all gave Matt a piece of their minds while watching back the show’s latest “Decision Day” episode.

The couples couldn’t help but bash Matt for betraying and lying to Amber during Lifetime’s September 12 broadcast of Married at First Sight: Couples Couch, which features former MAFS couples offering commentary on encore broadcasts of the show’s ninth season.

While watching Amber and Matt driving separately to meet Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles on “Decision Day,” Danielle said of Amber, “I hope she just says ‘no’ and leaves.”

“Yeah,” Bobby agreed. “I hope she just, like, spits on his face!”

“I mean, he never even comes home to her, so she should just not even be there when he gets there,” Danielle added.

When Matt walked in the room and Amber was already sitting on the sofa waiting for him, Kristine vented, “This m-therf-cker right here!”

“A tell-tale sign right here is the distance between them [on the couch],” Anthony observed.

Kristine then laughed about how Matt said he liked being married because he didn’t have to be alone.

“Not being alone while he leaves her alone, like, multiple nights!” Kristine said with a laugh.

“He wasn’t lonely; he was seeing somebody else,” Bobby proudly noted.

“She can’t say the same [about marriage preventing loneliness] because he wasn’t always there,” Jamie said.

When Amber called Matt out for not wanting to come home a lot and hurting her as a result, Jamie yelled at the screen, “I can see that. Yeah, go girl! You tell him!”

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“[If] you can’t come home, you can’t have a marriage,” Anthony noted.

Considering the experts had asked Matt not to leave Amber alone after his first disappearance — which lasted for 24 hours — Kristine said, “He didn’t listen,” considering Matt subsequently stayed out over and over again.

Matt explained to the experts he had created distance between Amber and himself because that’s simply how he dealt with stress and his doubts about Amber.

“You never know [what’s going on] because he never explains himself,” Anthony acknowledged.

“Because he’s lying,” Ashley told her husband.

Matt told the experts, however, he stuck it out in the hope his connection with Amber could grow and maybe last forever.

“What a B-S answer,” Bobby said.

“He’s just trying to make himself look good on camera,” Danielle reasoned.

Amber was then shown telling the experts Matt had allegedly asked a girl out on a date — a girl who happened to be friends with one of Amber’s fellow teachers at school. She also recalled how her best friend Raven had seen Matt leave a bar with a girl one night.

The Married at First Sight alums appeared shocked, and Jamie’s mouth dropped open for nearly 10 seconds.

“Oh my gosh! He’s acting like he’s not married,” Jamie said.

“I feel bad for her,” Danielle admitted.

Matt tried to explain his actions by saying he just viewed Amber as “a friend” at one time during the eight-week experiment.

“But you’re married,” Bobby said.

“And they were having sex,” Danielle pointed out.

Kristine and Keith just laughed at the situation, seemingly thinking it was ridiculous Matt said he was still “holding out hope” for his marriage while clearly seeing other women.

After Matt told Amber, “I’m sorry,” on “Decision Day,” Jamie yelled at the cameras, “You wouldn’t say sorry unless you were caught!”

“You’re damn right you’re sorry,” Kristine added with a laugh.

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“I hope he’s being genuine,” Danielle chimed in.

As Matt was shown telling Amber that he thought they had potential, Anthony told the cameras, “He’s just spouting out words now.”

“Nah, you have no potential dog,” Keith argued.

“I don’t even think she should give him a second thought,” Danielle said.

When it became time for Amber and Matt to reveal their final decisions about whether to stay married or get a divorce, the Married at First Sight alums started yelling at the Couples Couch cameras.

“No brainer!” Keith stated.

“Kick him to the curb!” Jamie yelled. “You tell him, Amber!”

“Pay attention to the facts, [Amber],” Kristine noted.

Once Amber declared first she wanted a divorce from Matt, Kristine congratulated her.

“You go ahead girl!” Kristine said.

“Good for you,” Bobby noted.

“I’m super proud of her,” Danielle added.

Matt agreed he and Amber should get a divorce, leaving Amber feeling like she wasn’t enough. Amber just wished Matt had walked away from their marriage earlier since he clearly wasn’t invested in it.

“He has nothing to say,” Jamie said.

“Eight weeks! That’s all he had to do! Eight weeks to not date another person!” Ashley vented.

“I feel bad for her,” Bobby said.

“You realize what you need in a marriage and you realize how you should be treated and how you should treat someone,” Doug explained.

Matt said he felt bad for humiliating Amber on national television, but Jamie argued during Couples Couch, “Matt, like you didn’t know you were embarrassing her!”

“I’m sure he did,” Doug agreed.

“If [Matt] learned anything, it’s that he’s not ready for commitment — that’s for sure,” Bobby said.

Ashley then told Anthony, “They had chemistry in the beginning so he could’ve tried, but he just checked out. He was literally cheating on his wife.”

All the Married at First Sight alums agreed Amber deserves more, and they were all proud of her for walking away and feeling empowered in doing so.

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The Couples Couch stars later watched Matt and Amber reunite at Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson’s cookout following everyone’s big “Decision Day” moment.

When Matt walked into the gathering late, he appeared totally fine and relaxed. Amber was clearly crushed and accused Matt of hating her the entire time, but Matt just said, “Chapter closed.”

Matt brushed off Amber’s claims he was being cold and smugly stated he went off looking for something else since his relationship with Amber wasn’t giving him what he had hoped.

“He’s such a jerk,” Jamie yelled.

“I think Matt is definitely showing his true colors here,” Anthony stated.

After Deonna McNeill told Matt he should’ve told Amber when his feelings about her had changed, Jamie said, “Yeah, Deonna, you tell him!”

But Doug noted, “He doesn’t care.”

Anthony joked about how Matt was in “the tiger den” as his MAFS co-stars attacked him, and then Matt was shown saying he had moved on and was going to sit there and argue with people.

“Well it’s good you’re not going to argue, because you’re wrong!” Ashley yelled.

“No, you just walk away!” Jamie said of Matt.

“That’s what [he does],” Doug agreed.

When Matt walked away from the cookout and left early, Keith said, “That’s right, just go on!”

“Byeee!” Ashley exclaimed.

“[Matt] can’t take the heat!” Danielle joked.

In addition to Amber and Matt, Keith Manley also chose to divorce Iris Caldwell. Two couples, however, chose to stay together on “Decision Day”: Elizabeth and Jamie as well as Deonna and Gregory Okotie.

The Season 9 reunion special for Married at First Sight is set to air next week on Wednesday, September 18 on Lifetime and feature updates on the current status of each relationship.

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