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Mariah The Scientist prepares to make her debut.

There’s a new artist by the name of Mariah The Scientist looking to make a splash, and she’s already packing a steady co-sign from Canada’s very own Tory Lanez. In fact, Fargo believes in Mariah so much that he held it down as executive producer on her upcoming debut The Master. The rapper is so passionate about his protoge that he all-but-channeled the “older brother” archetype in an emotional and hype-inducing Instagram post: “Baby sis , I watched u slave over this project for so long in the studio,” he wrote, making it clear that Mariah is one to be watched. “Genuinely proud of you and this body of work so much . THE WORLD will finally get to hear the incredible creative talent u have in songwriting , and in every vocal u sing.”

Now, Complex has premiered her latest single “Reminders,” which serves as a hint of what’s to be expected. Taking to a nostalgic, 80s-fuelled synthpop ballad, Mariah floats airy vocals with a noted sense of purpose. Claiming to have penned the track in a mere five minutes, “Reminders” centers around the dangers of a toxic relationship. Speaking with Complex, Mariah breaks down some of her lines, explaining: ‘I know you didn’t mean it,’ really signifies how someone can kill off their partner’s security in a relationship, even if they didn’t mean to.”

Look for The Master to arrive on Friday August 23rd, executive produced by Big Fargo himself.

Quotable Lyrics

Is it a crime that I planned to leave you in our Brooklyn apartment?
It seems like it ended before it got started
Know that our parents caught it,
Said I’d end up broken-hearted

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