Lil Wop – PSYCH

Lil Wop’s reign of terror rages on!

Love him or leave him alone, the body snatcher is back in the midst. Lil Wop’s new PSYCH is every bit as frightful as it sounds. With a tracklist boasting the grimmest of titles, one must wonder just how much sunlight Wop gets on a daily basis. On PSYCH, “The Wopster” defines his images through acts of sacrilege. His very presence in the corporeal world is a matter of debate among rap scholars, who have tried in earnest to have him excoriated from this dimensional world.

That being said, whether you love him or loathe his artistic imprint, Wop’s very place in the index is harnessed by Gucci Mane, who in the eyes of many, can do no wrong. Without Wop toiling in the underworld, wouldn’t Satan be something be up to something far more insidious, like mirroring the narcissus of a known tyrant- with head of state privileges? Check out PSYCH, but only after accounting for every superstition in the book.

1. Grave Digga
2. Inna Street
3. Anxiety
4. Delusional
5. Bipolar
6. Trapped House
7. Lick
8. Everyday
9. Psych

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