Leah Messer- I Hooked Up With Jeremy Calvert Again!

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Fans of Teen Mom 2 have long been wanting a rekindling of the romance between Leah Messer and ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. As fans remember, the pair wed back in 2012 and Leah gave birth to their daughter, Adalynn Faith Calvert– better known as “Addie”- back in 2013. Rumors have been swirling for years since their divorce that the pair could be getting back together- and the latest development will not do anything to squash those rumors.

On this past week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, we saw Leah and Jeremy spending time together in New York City during last season’s reunion. The pair definitely seemed like they were flirtatious. Leah’s sister, who was with them, kept also hinting at the flirtatiousness between the two. What’s more was that Leah recanted Addie asking Leah if she “love loves” Jeremy and asking Jeremy the same about Leah. Leah claimed she explained to Addie that they’d always “love love” each other, but it seemed to be more in line with the fact that it was due to having a shared child. However, a clip from next week’s episode seems to hint that the “love love” could be more than just sharing a child. What do we mean?

In a preview for next week’s episode, Leah is seen meeting with a friend and the topic of Jeremy comes up. “Jeremy actually showed up,” Leah tells her friend. Her friend is quick to get to the point- and the juicy scoop that all the Teen Mom fans want to know- asking point blank, “Did you guys hookup?” What did Leah say?

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“No,” Leah at first said. However,r her friend said, “Are you lying?” and Leah responded “Yeah.” So, with that, Leah admitted that the two DID hook up. Could this be a sign of the two getting back together or was it just a one time thing? It seems like fans will have to wait and see just what plays out as this season of Teen Mom 2 continues airing on MTV.

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