Kylie Jenner’s Battle Over ‘Rise And Shine’ Heats Up, Trademark Holder Files Complaint With Snapchat

The battle over the “Rise and Shine” name is heating up after the trademark holder filed a formal complaint with Snapchat to stop Kylie Jenner from selling products bearing the name.


According to the complaint, obtained by The Blast, Cathy Beggan formally complained to Snapchat after Kylie was seen this week selling custom hoodies on the platform with the famous tagline.

Kylie took to Snap modeling the new sweatshirts and her BFF was seen also sporting a white one.

We’re told Snapchat has received the complaint, but it’s unclear if they will make any moves to remove the content or stop Kylie from selling the products.

The ‘Rise And Shine’ tops go for a whopping $65 each.

Formal Complaint To Snapchat

We broke the story, New Jersey businesswoman and single mother Cathy Beggan already owns a trademark for the catchphrase.

Beggan owns a company called ‘Rise-N-Shine’ which specializes in nutritional supplements including a line of cosmetics and shampoos and conditioners.

Kylie created a huge viral sensation after she belted out the catchphrase ‘Rise and Shine’ to her sleeping daughter, Stormi.

In the days following her post, the hashtag #riseandshine became the fastest TikTok to hit a billion views.

Kylie attempted to capitalize on the fame of the phrase by filing a trademark and producing “rise and shine” hoodies on her website.

Fight Over Selling Hoodies Online….

Beggan was upset after seeing Kylie’s push into the business and felt Jenner was using the trademark without legally obtaining the right.

She claims Kylie is using the mark “without the legal license or permission to do so and without any offer of compensation.”

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Last week, Beggan offered the trademark-happy Jenner a simple solution by singing a jingle for her company. But, we’re told the New Jersey businesswoman hasn’t heard from the Jenner camp.

“That’s why I was so shocked when on Wednesday night, I learned that Kylie had chosen to yet again use my trademark, without permission, to promote her merchandise on Snapchat,” Beggan said.

She continued, “I thought to myself, ‘the only place Kylie should be singing ‘Rise and Shine’ right now is here in New Jersey.”

Rise-N-Shine Products, With The Trademark

As for why file a complaint with Snapchat, Beggan says, “Since Kylie has made no effort to contact us, or take me up on our offer, I was left with no choice but to file a complaint with Snapchat today, to stop Jenner from violating my trademark rights on its platform.”

Beggan tells The Blast, she felt intimidated at first standing up to a billionaire but says she has received an outpouring of public support online and it has, “strengthened her resolve to stand up for her rights.”

The issue is whether or not the complaint and trademark dispute will be successful for the small business. The NJ company owns a mark for the words, ‘Rise N Shine’ and not with the whole word “and” spelled out.

Can We Just Be Friends?

But, Beggan is willing to fight for the trademark, saying, “We have never sought to frivolously enforce our trademark – in fact, this will be the first time we have ever attempted to enforce it – but I have to defend my and my company’s rights in this case.

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We’re told the offer is still on the table for Kylie to help Cathy with a company jingle. But, it doesn’t seem that is on the horizon, so the battle rages on.

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