Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash: Fans Upset After Investigators Release Up-Close Video From Wreckage

The agency in charge of investigating the deadly helicopter accident that killed Kobe Bryant has just released a video of the crash scene, including workers sifting through the wreckage. But, fans of the NBA legend are not happy with this close-up of images have been presented to the public.

The NTSB released the video on its Twitter page with the caption, “B-Roll taken on Jan. 27 of investigators documenting the accident site of the Jan. 26 helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA.”

The video itself begins with some sort of music and the investigative agencies logo and then shows how they used drones to fly over the site and take images.

Investigators Release Video From The Crash Site

A portion of the footage is in fact taken by the drones showing an overall view above the crash site along with giving perspective of how large the debris field is on the hillside.

As the video continues, it moves to featuring investigators sifting through parts of the wreckage at very close range, shot from right on scene. The footage is over 2 minutes long, and at a point, you can actually see one person pick up small pieces of the helicopter to inspect it.

It’s understandable the agency releasing B-Roll footage of the crash scene for news broadcast purposes, and because officers have been inundated with individuals attempting to access the crash scene.

See The Footage…

But, several people online are upset with the specifics in which the video details and have let their voices be heard.

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“This should not be publicly available out of respect for the families,” one person posted.

Another added, “why would you allow this content have some respect for the grieving families!”

The messages sparked a debate on whether or not this video should have been released, with some responding, “they’re a government agency reporting an accident that killed people. They’re made to investigate problems in this field. What else are they supposed to do?”

Fans Upset By The Video Release

At this point, families of the victims have not weighed in on the issue, but the video remains active on the NTSB’s YouTube page and Twitter accounts.

As we reported, the coroner’s office has confirmed they have recovered the remains of all nine passengers in the deadly crashing, saying, “The bodies of the nine people who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas on Sunday have been recovered. On Sunday afternoon, personnel from the department’s Special Operations Response Team (SORT) recovered three bodies from the helicopter wreckage located in the 4200 block of Las Virgenes Road in Calabasas. The next day, the search continued for the other six helicopter occupants. Soon after, their bodies were located, removed from the crash site and transported to the department’s Forensic Science Center.”

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