Kobe Bryant Crash: No Black Box Found Inside Helicopter Wreckage

Kobe Bryant’s helicopter was not equipped with a ‘black box’ recording device when it crashed, this according to investigators with the NTSB.

A representative from the organization spoke during a press conference this afternoon, explaining that the aircraft did not have the recording device which is often collected after an accident to reveal its last moments.

This audio transmission device and collection instrument is different from the audio released of the pilot speaking to air traffic control. This would be any transmissions from inside the aircraft right before impact. In many instances, it is used to help investigate the cause of an accident.

No Black Box, Only iPad Found Inside

But, it was also said, the aircraft was NOT required to have a black box in this specific chopper. Instead, there was an iPad on board with was used by the pilot for in-flight updates and weather information.

As we reported, it is thought the aircraft may have been caught in a patch of heavy fog before crashing into a hillside in Calabasas.

It was also reported, the organization will collect material from the crash site for up to five days. But, most likely they will not have an exact cause of the accident until weeks later.

Investigators Ask For Photos Of The Weather…

Interestingly, the NTSB investigator made a plea to the public for any photos taken around the same time as the accident — for purposes of looking at the weather.

It seems, based on the request, they are trying to determine the exact nature of the weather at the point of impact.

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During the press conference, the investigators cautioned that the weather isn’t the only thing they are looking into, even though they want pictures of it from the public.

Shockingly, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department was forced to issue a warning to people attempting to access the crash site, that it will now be a crime to go near the location.

It’s Now A Crime To Access Crash Site

The Sheriff said members of the public have attempted to climb into the area and they have now had to place officers nearby on horseback to keep them away. The police are even used infrared cameras to catch trespassers.

The FAA has issued a no-fly zone over the crash site, and anyone approaching the scene will be subject to arrest.

If you have any photos of the weather at the time of the crash (9:47 am) they ask you contact the NTSB or email the pictures to, witness@ntsb.gov.

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