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Ken Jeong: ‘The Masked Singer’ is like “two separate shows”

Ken Jeong discussed how “The Masked Singer” conceals the identity of their performers recently.

“There’s a whole method. It’s like two separate shows going on,” Jeong, who serves as a judge on the competition series, said on “The Tonight Show” on Monday about the effort that is put into keeping the identity of the singers a secret.
“It’s like two separate productions in one. If we do ever have to cross paths, the contestants have to wear like black hoodies, black visors, and a black t-shirt that says ‘don’t look at me,'” the comedian continued after confirming that no one on the show knows the identity of the singer.

“Even their agent and publicist, their whole squad, they have to wear masks,” Jeong said.

“Just in case if like, let’s say we would have the same agent or something like that.”

“The Masked Singer” will return with Season 3 following Super Bowl LIV on Feb. 2 on Fox.
Wayne Brady as Fox was crowned the Season 2 winner in December.

Jeong also played a round of Heavy or Light with Fallon and Kate Upton.

The game involved the trio taking turns picking up random objects while the others tried to determine if the item was heavy or light.

Upton was able to correctly guess that a wedding cake Jeong and Fallon were carrying was actually light despite them acting like it was heavy.

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