John Mayer Gets Restraining Order Against a Man He Claims Has Made References to Serial Killers

John Mayer claims he’s been subjected to a series of harassing messages from a guy who has made reference to a number of famous serious killers.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mayer claims the man (who The Blast has chosen not to name) has both publicly and privately directed social media messages at Mayer that threaten him with physical violence.

In some of the messages, Mayer claims, the man made references to “Bundy” and “Mark David Chapman.” Some of the other messages include:

“You step from me again and I will kill you”
“All ya had to do was be my pal”
“I’ve put many a jew in the hospital”

Mayer claims the harassment has been ongoing since March of this year. He also claims, “After sending threatening, violent and disturbing messages to me, Respondent showed up to a public place in North Carolina knowing that I would be making an appearance.

He says security spotted the man and stopped him from entering the venue.

Mayer says the guy’s “statements and behavior indicate an unhealthy obsession with me.” He also says he conducted an investigation and learned the man has been arrested for talking before.

Ultimately, the man was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Mayer and his home.

The temporary restraining order was granted and a hearing to make the order permanent was scheduled for August 27.

John Mayer is currently on tour and has concerts scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday night in Chicago before playing the JAS Labor Day Experience in Snowmass Village, CO at the end of the month.

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