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Jennifer Garner ‘Finally Done’ With Ben Affleck?

by Iyzklez
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Jennifer Garner is not “finally done” with Ben Affleck following his recent sobriety slip, despite an untrue report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. It’s simply not accurate.

Affleck was photographed looking intoxicated at a Halloween party in October, and the actor later admitted he had relapsed, but remained committed to getting sober. Affleck was also photographed at his ex-wife’s house the day after the party, and according to OK!, she didn’t give him her usual pep talk. “In the past, she’s always told Ben that he’s strong, that he can beat this,” says a supposed source. “But this time she was much more subdued, like she was sick of the drama.” The magazine doesn’t bother to explain how this “source” knows what went on behind the closed doors of Garner’s house.

The anonymous tipster continues, “Afterward, Jen told friends she was furious with Ben and that she’d reached the end of her rope. Jen’s put so much time and effort into trying to help him get and stay sober. She’s exhausted and can’t take it anymore. Jen recently let Ben know that she’s done. She knows this isn’t healthy for her or their kids, so she’s dishing out some tough love and taking a step back.”

From there, the suspicious insider says Affleck “is in denial about it all” and “still thinks she’ll rescue him out of every situation – not matter how ugly.” The unknown source, however, insists Garner will no longer be there for her ex, adding, “She’s putting her foot down. She can’t do it anymore.”

The tabloid’s report just isn’t valid. Although it’s very likely that Garner is frustrated by Affleck’s recent relapse, she’s supported him throughout his struggles with sobriety and understands that addiction is a disease. Furthermore, the actress always does what’s in the best interest of her three kids. This includes helping their father get sober. A source close to the situation confirms that Garner isn’t wiping her hands clean of her ex-husband.

The tabloid also doesn’t bother to mention that Affleck and Garner just celebrated Thanksgiving together with their three kids. The festivities took place more than a month after the actor’s slip. The relationship between the exes remains strong, and both are dedicated to co-parenting their kids. There’s nothing to suggest otherwise. Although it’s reasonable to believe the actress was disappointed by Affleck’s setback, the idea that she’s “done” with him isn’t remotely true.

Oddly enough, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in October for making up a story about Affleck trying to get Garner to stop “mothering” him. The contradictory premise was written just days before the actor’s relapse. That article wasn’t true either, but it also doesn’t make much sense that the actress went from “mothering” her ex to quickly abandoning him.

Gossip Cop also called out the magazine last year for wrongly reporting that Affleck was moving back into Garner’s guest house so she could keep an eye on him. The magazine now want its readers to believe the actress isn’t supporting her ex-husband in any way. The tabloid keeps pushing its concept to different extremes, none of which are accurate.

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