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Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Is Jason Thompson Leaving ‘Young and the Restless’ – What’s Billy Abbott’s Fate on ‘Y&R’?

Fans are asking if Jason Thompson‘s leaving Young and the Restless where he plays Billy Abbott. The current storyline sure doesn’t look like good news for the actor and some think it may set the stage for an actor swap now that Billy Miller’s back on the soap market. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with Billy Abbott and whether Jason Thompson could exit Y&R on CBS.

Is Jason Thompson Leaving Young and the Restless?

Jason Thompson debuted as Billy Abbott more than three and a half years ago. Fan-favorite Billy Miller played the role for six years but left in 2014 and headed for General Hospital. Interestingly, that’s when Jason Thompson was on ABC daytime playing the role of legacy offspring Patrick Drake – rockstar surgeon and son of Noah Drake (played by real-life rockstar Rick Springfield).

In the interim, Burgess Jenkins played Billy Abbott for a year and a half from Summer 2014 when Billy Miller left – all the way to early 2016. That’s when Jason Thompson took over as Billy. A serious car accident facilitated the actor swap. Since then, the longtime GH actor’s been in the role. But recent events at his former soap now have people wondering about another Billy Abbott swap on Young and the Restless.

Y&R Going Back to Iconic Faces – Will That End Jason Thompson’s Run as Billy Abbott?

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There are some hints that CBS might swap in the former Billy Abbott actor, Billy Miller, and move away from Jason Thompson. But nothing’s been confirmed. First, Young and the Restless‘ new head writer and producer said they were bringing back the glory days of the soap and that approach included restoring “iconic faces”. To that end, Y&R ended Gina Tognoni’s contract and replaced her with Michelle Stafford who prior played Phyllis Summers.

Since then, fans anticipated who else the show might bring back. Then, the chatter spiked again when long-simmering rumors that Billy Miller was leaving GH came to fruition. It was July that the rumors firmed into spoilers. And Billy Miller finally confirmed it personally with a letter to fans. Now, he’s done at Y&R and aside from an Apple digital series, his IMDB looks wide open for new projects. So, does that mean Jason Thompson is out at Young and the Restless?

Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott in Bad Shape – But Good Plot for Actor Swap
Right now, Y&R spoilers have Jason Thompson playing Billy Abbott as a gum-chewing dark, alter ego. Of course, he’s already a troubled soul as a grieving father and on-again, off-again, gambling addict. So, when someone already on edge goes even darker, it’s interesting stuff. The latest info says that this will continue and he’ll spiral further out of control. Now, it could be that the CBS sudser is just setting him up with exciting psychologically intense material.

Or, Young and the Restless spoilers could be setting the stage for Billy Abbott to exit – or an actor swap. Y&R likes to do accidents, crashes, and fiery stuff when they exchange actors. With Billy increasingly unhinged, they could be going that way. Or he might be headed to a mental hospital. Then, he could return with a new face. One thing’s for certain This issue deeply divides fans. Some are die-hard Billy Miller fans and want him back and to see Jason Thompson leave Young and the Restless. Other like the new actor and want him to stick around.

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