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How Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Decided To Co-Parent

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With the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians focusing on Kourtney Kardashian fighting with her sisters to keep her personal life private despite her years of working on the show, we can’t help but sigh and miss the days of watching Kardashian and Scott Disick flaunt their enviable personal lives. Fortunately, the two are still sharing some insight into their efforts as parents.

Kardashian and Disick were one of the best couples to ever grace the plotlines of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and we all mourned when news of their definitive split broke after nearly a decade together. Fortunately, Kardashian and Disick have seemed to avoid the permanent and messy break-up drama that’s haunted other relationships on the reality show.

Though the two initially had a difficult time adjusting to living separate lives, they credit therapy for allowing them to overcome their negative feelings. That’s especially good news considering the two share three kids together — Mason Dash, 9, Penelope Scotland, 7 and Reign Aston, 4.

After working closely with their therapist and each other, the two chose to co-parent their kids together rather than fight through a brutal custody case. While Kardashian can insist that she’s no longer interested in sharing too many details of her life for the show, she doesn’t feel the same way about her lifestyle site, Poosh. Kardashian and Disick sat together for a two part video on the site in April and opened up about why and how they work together as parenting partners instead of romantic ones.

“I do think we are very lucky to be doing it this way,” Kardashian said. “We can, if we have an issue or something that one of the kids is going through, we can deal with it together.”

“Nobody knows our kids better than us,” the reality star continued, “so to be able to do that together and come up with solutions together, I think is, you know, there’s no better [option].”

Unsurprisingly, Disick is on the same page. He agreed with Kardashian on the benefits of their chosen parenting style, and the two both laughed when they reminisced about their struggles in the early days of their split. The former couple was most thankful that they were able to avoid a legal battle.

“I think it’s nice that we didn’t have to involve attorneys,” Kardashian said, “we just did it on our own. We came up with our own schedule of what made the most sense with the kids.”

“I think we also knew that if we ever got into something like that, I don’t think you and I would have the relationship that we have,” Disick added.

Of course, even though the two have moved beyond their romantic past into their current state of parenting bliss, fans and tabloids have been quick to spread rumors about the two still having feelings for one another. In September, Gossip Cop had to do a tally of all the made-up stories about Kardashian getting in the way of Disick’s new relationship with model Sofia Richie.

Even worse, the tabloids were willing to add Disick and Kardashian’s children into the rumor mill. We busted more than a few claims about Richie feuding with Kardashian over her relationship with the kids this year as well. The three have gone on multiple vacations together, where Disick and Kardashian spend their time happily watching over their family as co-parents.

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