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Gwen Stefani Worries Blake Shelton Will Leave Her After Quitting IVF Treatments?

by Iyzklez
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Gwen Stefani is worried that Blake Shelton is going to break up with her after she quit getting IVF treatments? That’s the obscene claim in one tabloid. Gossip Cop found the rumor patently false.

In Touch proclaims that it’s “Baby Heart Break For Gwen” in their latest issue. According to the tabloid, Stefani “would love nothing more than to be a mom just one more time” but is having trouble adjusting to the fact that it doesn’t seem to be in her future. The outlet’s anonymous source says that Stefani and Shelton “have been trying for a baby for years” and exploring their options, “but IVF treatments have been a grueling process.”

The treatments, the tipster continues, were so rough on the No Doubt singer that she “finally gave up” on them entirely. “It was a heartbreaking decision,” the insider says. The tabloid does acknowledge that Shelton has been nothing but a happy and doting step-father to her kids, but still argues that Stefani was devastated when she found out she wouldn’t be able to give him his own biological child.

“There were times she was convinced Blake was going to leave her,” the source says. “Friends” of the star, the tabloid claims, are worried that she’s in a similar state of mind as Christmas approaches. “They’ve been trying [for a baby] for years with no success,” the insider says.

In reality, however, this is just yet another of the tabloid’s recycled plotlines about the couple. The magazine is clearly desperate for news about the couple having a child together, as evidenced by Gossip Cop’s extensive history of calling the outlet for its bogus stories about the idea.

All the way back in November 2017, we debunked its claim about Stefani secretly sporting a baby bump on Halloween. The following April, it changed its mind and argued that Stefani and Shelton were planning to have a baby and wedding in the coming months. By November 2018, the magazine amended its story to one about Stefani being pregnant as she and Shelton planned a wedding.

This past March, it decided to swap to a made-up rumor about the couple giving up on IVF after spending $4 million on treatments. These are just a few of the claims we’ve busted about Stefani and Shelton having another child, giving up on having children or trying alternative methods of conceiving. Both stars have mentioned in interviews that should they ever have any big news to share about their relationship, especially anything involving a wedding, they’d go through the proper channels of announcing it.

In Touch, however, isn’t something the singers would think of as a legitimate source of news about their lives, and we’re inclined to agree. The tabloid is just repeating the same old rumor over and over with minor tweaks each time. No matter how it tries to spin it, the outlet simply hasn’t printed a lick of truth about the couple.

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