Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton Leaving Hollywood And Moving To Oklahoma?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are not leaving Hollywood and moving to Oklahoma, despite a false report. Similar rumors have emerged in the past. Gossip Cop found this latest one to be equally false.


For some reason, Life & Style declares it “official” that Stefani and Shelton are moving out of the Golden state. “There’s something about being in Oklahoma that fulfills a need inside me I didn’t even know I had,” Stefani had said. “We cook and get muddy and dirty. There are ATVs. Being a mother of three boys, it’s kind of the perfect place.”

This leads to the tabloid’s assertion that the two are building a new new, permanent home on Shelton’s property. “The Oklahoma house signals the start of their lives together, as a couple and as a family,” a so-called “insider” tells the magazine. “It might even end up being where Blake and Gwen get hitched!”

“Blake’s been saying he wants to build a dream house for Gwen, separate from the one he shared with Miranda [Lambert],” the source says. “In his mind, she deserves it.” For some reason, the “source” also already knows what Stefani’s plans are for the home.

“Gwen’s must-haves are a huge walk-in closet, a mini hair salon and makeup room, a movie theater, spa and, of course, a game room for the boys,” the alleged tipster claims. “Gwen’s even thinking of enrolling the boys in Oklahoma schools, but that’s still a battle,” adds the suspicious source, referring to Stefani’s 50/50 custody agreement with her ex-husband.

“Friends don’t think an engagement is far off,” the questionable insider adds. “Everyone’s counting down the days until he proposes. They’re good together. Now we just need a wedding.”

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For such an “official” event, the tabloid is suspiciously vague by failing to identify when or where Stefani said those things because she clearly wouldn’t speak to the outlet about a clearly made-up rumor. The actual source of Stefani’s quote is a Marie Claire cover story from November 2017.

Unsurprisingly, the report that include misleading and improperly cited quotes doesn’t contain a grain of truth. This is just a lazy riff on past rumors about the couple. In 2017, Gossip Cop called out RadarOnline, a sister site of Life & Style, for an extremely similar story about Stefani and Shelton moving to Oklahoma. As Stefani’s rep told us then, the singer has never planned on uprooting her family or somehow separating them from their father. It makes no sense for the singer to change her mind now.

While we agree that Stefani and Shelton are good together, we take issue with the “need a wedding” part of the article. Shelton has shrugged off the repeated wedding and marriage stories from the tabloids. “If I am am somehow, and Gwen somehow, are newsworthy enough that they have to make up stories about us just to have something to say,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight, “then I guess that’s a good problem to have.” Shelton also added that when the two do eventually get engaged, it won’t be announced in any of the rumor mills. “I promise you,” he said, “we won’t break the news in any of the grocery store trash magazines.”

Noticeably absent in Life & Style‘s latest piece about the stars is the explanation of what happened to its previous claims about Shelton proposing to a supposedly pregnant Stefani on The Voice from the beginning of September. It also conveniently ignores its May story about Stefani getting dumped on Mother’s Day. The tabloid simply can’t get it right when it comes to the not-so-country couple.

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