French Montana Blames Victim’s Employer For Vicious Dog Attack

The ‘Unforgettable’ Hitmaker Has Filed A Cross-Complaint Against A Pool Company That Employed The Man, Who Was Allegedly Bitten By The Rapper’s Dog When He Was Performing His Regular Duties At The Star’s Home.

French Montana has finally responded to a lawsuit filed almost a year ago by a man who was allegedly attacked by his dog. The alleged victim, whose name is Juan Lomeli, sued the rapper last year as he claimed he was bitten by the “No Shopping” spitter’s German Shepard when he showed up at French’s home on May 25, 2017 to do some work on his pool. Juan claimed he was injured so badly in the vicious attack that he was unable to work and is seeking for loss of wages.

But now French is denying any responsibility for the alleged dog attack. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the rapper claims the statute of limitations on the guy’s complaint had run out. He also argues that “the damages and injuries sustained by Plaintiff did not arise from circumstances reasonably foreseeable to Defendant and were not within his reasonable ability to control.”

Blaming the alleged victim’s employer instead, French through his lawyers has filed a cross-complaint against the pool company that hired the guy, saying they are the ones who should be held liable if the guy is successful in his lawsuit. French is seeking “total and complete indemnity for any judgments rendered against me.”

This isn’t the only dog attack lawsuit faced by French. Last month, the 34-year-old star was sued by Daniel Banuelos, who also claimed he was “violently attacked and viciously” bitten by French’s dog Zane.

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Daniel claimed he was installing security cameras at the hip-hop star’s Calabasas home on August 22, 2017 when the alleged incident took place. The lawsuit states that the dog was “vicious” and that French was well aware of the dog’s nature.

Daniel additionally said that the dog was kept for the purposes of “guarding the premise,” and that French “encouraged the dog’s aggressive and vicious nature in order to make the dog a greater risk and threat to intruders.” The alleged victim accused French of failing to “leash, tether, chain, muzzle” or take any other safety measures to ensure the dog didn’t attack anyone despite knowing the dog’s violent nature.

Daniel claimed he missed time from work and suffered permanent scarring. He also said he now has “severe and permanent mental, emotional and psychological injuries.” He’s suing for negligence and wants to collect damages from the Morocco-born rapper over the incident. The case is still ongoing as well.

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