Demi Burnett on Kristian Haggerty split rumors: “It’s nobody’s business how our relationship works”

Demi Burnett isn’t interested in continuing to publicly broadcast the details of her relationship with Kristian Haggerty anymore now that Bachelor in Paradise has ended.


“Every relationship is different and it’s like — I mean in the most respectful way — it’s nobody’s business how our relationship works. We both have so much going on right now,” Demi, 24, told Us Weekly on Wednesday.

However, even though the couple hasn’t posted any photos of each other on social media since a couple of days after Bachelor in Paradise’s finale aired on September 17, Demi assured Us the women are still happy and doing well as a couple.

Demi and Kristian, who got engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise’s sixth season this past summer, both currently live in the Los Angeles-area, but they do not live together.

As of recently, they’ve both also apparently been traveling for work and other opportunities.

“She’s in Florida, I’m in New York. But we do spend time together. Just because we don’t broadcast it doesn’t mean that we’re not together,” Demi told Us, shooting down rumors and speculation that the couple may have split or their relationship is on the rocks.

“We’re not too far apart. I think it’s important to kind of have our space just so, you know, we can develop a normal, very solid, steady relationship.”

Demi, however, told Us she and Kristian have yet to get the ball rolling on wedding plans.

“If you just jump into it and just rush everything, for me personally, that’s not how I could have a successful relationship,” explained Demi, who competed for Colton Underwood’s heart prior to her Bachelor in Paradise appearance. “I have to definitely take it at a steady pace.”

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“We’re definitely just dating right now. There’s so much going on for both of us that it’s like, ‘Oh, planning a wedding right now just sounds so intense.'”

Demi added that she and her fiancee are “definitely taking it slow” and “just enjoying” their time together.

When asked whether she’d consider a televised wedding on ABC as some other Bachelor in Paradise couples have done, Demi replied, “I always say, ‘If it’s free, yes!’ If everything’s free, I don’t care. Let’s do it!”

Demi said the biggest challenge she and Kristian have faced since filming Bachelor in Paradise is making the time to meet each other’s families and catching all their loved ones up on what has happened.

“Just finding time for everything has been really crazy, but other than that, everything has been so fun and it’s been so good,” she said.

When Demi began her stint on Bachelor in Paradise, she sparked a romance with Derek Peth, who quickly fell for the bubbly and outgoing Texas native hard.

Demi respected Derek and thought he was an amazing man, but she couldn’t stop thinking about a girl back home, Kristian, whom she had been dating prior to her appearance on the summer spinoff.

Demi found herself so conflicted between her feelings for Derek and her lingering or unresolved feelings for Kristian that Bachelor in Paradise welcomed Kristian on the show so Demi could figure out where her heart leaned.

Once Demi reunited with Kristian in Paradise, the women were able to further explore their connection. Demi knew immediately upon seeing Kristian in Mexico that they were meant to be, and so Demi let Derek down gently.

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Demi and Kristian then continued to date and fall in love while surrounded by their supportive co-stars.

After enjoying a Fantasy Suite date together, Demi proposed marriage to Kristian on the beach and presented her with an engagement ring during Bachelor in Paradise’s finale.

The reunion special subsequently featured Kristian proposing marriage to Demi and offering her a diamond sparkler as well.

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