Courteney Cox Playing Tom Selleck’s Love Interest On ‘Blue Bloods’?

Is Courteney Cox playing Tom Selleck’s love interest on an upcoming episode of Blue Bloods? That’s the absurd rumor in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop has learned it’s false.

The Globe claims “Hollywood is buzzing” about Selleck developing a “hot romance” on the CBS show, and chances are, says the tabloid, the role will be played by Cox. Selleck stars as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, a widower that’s effectively been single since the show’s beginning. According to the tabloid, Reagan will reveal his “secret romance in an upcoming episode and introduces his new squeeze during the traditional Sunday family dinner that has become the heart of each episode.”

Supposed “sources” then tell the outlet why Cox is expected to play the love interest. “They are great pals in real life and have been talking about working together again,” the “insider” says. “Everyone’s so excited to see the commissioner finally paired with someone.” Selleck played one of Cox’s more serious romantic partners on Friends, which is the only reason the publication came up with this rumor.

“It’s about time Frank finds love again,” the supposed source continues. “It’s been a number of years since the death of his wife, Mary. To a family whose business it is to know other people’s affairs, this will come as a great shock.”

The big problem with the tabloid’s story arises when the outlet cites executive producer Kevin Wade’s comments about the 200th episode featuring “the first time that a non-Reagan will be welcomed to the family dinner scene.” The magazine admits that Bebe Neuwirth’s character Kelly Peterson, who copped to having feelings for Selleck’s character earlier in the show, is the most likely choice for Reagan’s supposed romance. “But,” concludes the tabloid, “show bigwigs could be playing sly and planning to bring in someone completely new. And that could be Courteney!”

There are a few issues in the way of the tabloid’s dreams of a Friends reunion. For one, the 200th episode of Blue Bloods has come and gone. The non-family guest that attended the dinner was Reagan’s old partner, played by Treat Williams. It had been known that Williams would be joining Selleck at the family dinner one week before the premiere even aired. The tabloid is clearly just trying to trick Blue Bloods fans who aren’t up to date on the outside buzz about the show.

Plus, Selleck has publicly expressed his distaste for any romantic plots for his character. “It’s important he remains a man alone in overall concept because that’s part of the sacrifice he’s made,” Selleck told TV Insider in January. “And how do you meet, fall in love and then have the relationship end in one episode?”

This interview also seems to have been the source of the tabloid’s ruminations. “So far, CBS doesn’t seem to have the willingness to hire somebody for an arc like I did on Friends,” Selleck said. “I just saw Courteney Cox at a restaurant — it was great. I gave her a big hug and told her I loved her.”

While they do seem to be totally friendly, it’s a stretch to call them “great pals” when they’ve only really seen each other by coincidence. Of course, the tabloids are plenty familiar with stretching the truth, even when it comes to Selleck and Blue Bloods. Gossip Cop called out the National Enquirer, a sister publication of the Globe, for a phony story about Selleck leaving the show due to “crippling arthritis.” The gossip media doesn’t have a clue what’s actually going on on the set of the hit series.

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