Christina Aguilera Going Broke?

Christina Aguilera is not going broke, despite a false tabloid report. There’s no truth to the article. Gossip Cop has investigated and we can debunk it.


The National Enquirer has a story this week alleging the former Voice coach is spending money “like a drunken sailor” and is “down to her last $300,000.” The publication quotes a supposed “insider” as saying, “Christina still lives like royalty! Money flows through her hands like water and yet a lot is owed on her house and her credit card bills are mounting.”

According to the phony report, Aguilera is praying that the upcoming live-action version of Mulan will “put big bucks in her pocket.” The singer’s breakout hit “Reflection” was the theme song to the original animated version of Mulan in 1998. The former Mickey Mouse Club star turned that single’s success into her first record deal and shot to superstardom in 1999 with her self-titled debut album.

The so-called “source” goes on to tell the magazine, “People are worried she won’t cover all her spending,” even if she makes money from the the Mulan remake, continuing, “Christina liked the finer things in life and is more than willing to spend whatever it takes to get them!” The insider alleges that financial advisors have told Aguilera to cut back on her spending, but, the singer is “spending as much as ever.”

This whole storyline is coming from an anonymous tipster, but Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Aguilera, who tells on the record and in no uncertain terms that it’s “not true.” It’s also worth noting that back in August, Gossip Cop reported that Aguilera wasn’t working on the soundtrack of the live-action Mulan. The singer is, however, starting a Las Vegas residency that is raking in money, grossing almost $4 million in its first leg alone for Aguilera, with three more legs to go, according to Billboard.

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It’s not surprising that the Enquirer would be so wrong in its reporting on the singer’s finances. Back in 2015, the tabloid falsely claimed Aguilera and her fiancé Matthew Rutler were fighting over a prenup before getting married. They weren’t fighting, and they have never been in a rush to get married either, as the article implied. In fact, they are still together and remain engaged, four years later. There’s no prenup standing in the way of their marriage either. Gossip Cop busted that report at the time, just as we can bust this new one.

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