Channing Tatum Upset About Jenna Dewan’s Pregnancy?

Channing Tatum is upset after discovering his ex Jenna Dewan is pregnant? That’s the story in one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can confirm that nothing about it is remotely true.


According to NW, Dewan has been happily “flaunting” a baby bump. This is based on photos of the dancer at the beach with her 6-year-old daughter she shares with Tatum, and her boyfriend Steve Kazee. “Jenna’s a dancer and her body is always so tight and toned, so it’s been almost impossible for her to hide it,” an anonymous source tells the magazine.

“She and Steve have done their best,” adds the source, “but whispers are she’s almost four months [along] already.” The outlet further contends that Tatum is troubled by the situation. “He’s really happy with Jessie [J], but seeing Jenna, Steve and Everly together has got him freaking out,” adds the suspicious tipster. “Channing doesn’t want to be replaced as a dad and he’s feeling really shut out being so far away from Evie.”

The magazine then drops a bold statement by implying the actor may immediately fly to Los Angeles to “mark his territory,” whatever that means. “It’s not that he wants Jenna back,” the questionable insider says. “It’s just really hard seeing her pregnant with Evie’s little brother or sister and him not being the dad.”

Considering that Dewan isn’t pregnant, nothing about the magazine’s premise is accurate. It’s classic tabloid behavior to take photos of a female celebrity in a bathing suit and insist she has a “baby bump.” Half of the time it’s because the woman was caught mid-exhale or post-meal.

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The photos of Dewan’s “baby bump” are from August 31, and Dewan herself posted pictures of herself in the exact same outfit on Instagram later that day. The only difference is that she isn’t mid-step or trying to corral her child at the beach in her social media photos. Instead, she’s reclined on a fence post, and the only thing she’s “flaunting” is her well-toned abdominal muscles. Dewan isn’t expecting a child, and Tatum isn’t upset over a nonsexist scenario.

Although Tatum and Dewan separated in 2018, they’re still targeted by the tabloids with false rumors. In June, In Touch pushed a fake story about Dewan racing to beat Tatum to the altar with their respective new partners. Meanwhile, Star published an equally untrue claim about Dewan “dragging her feet” on finalizing her divorce from Tatum in an attempt to exert control over his personal life. This latest article surrounding pregnancy drama is no more realistic.

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