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‘Big Brother’s Holly Allen introduces Jackson Michie to co-workers: “Adventures we shall have”

Big Brother runner-up Holly Allen has introduced Jackson Michie, to her co-workers.


Holly took to Instagram on Friday, October 4 and shared a photo of herself and the Big Brother Season 21 winner posing with wine glasses in their hands at Malibu Wine Safaris, a thousand acre ranch and vineyard in Malibu, CA.

“Took this guy to meet my friends, befriend my critters, and sip my wine in Malibu yesterday,” the 31-year-old wine safari guide captioned the picture.

“Today we are exploring his world in Tennessee. We promised adventure outside of the BB walls, and adventures we shall have.”

Michie, 24, shared a photo of the couple smiling at each other with a giraffe in the background from that same day on his own Instagram account on October 7.

“Find you someone that still looks at you like this after tolerating a game day weekend in Knoxville.. had fun in the old stomping grounds but now it’s back to business,” Michie wrote alongside the image.

Holly was wearing a white sundress and heels, while Michie wore a gray T-shirt and jeans for the occasion.

Michie and Holly also apparently hung out on September 29 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The pair’s Season 21 housemate, Kathryn Dunn, joined them for a fun night out.

And late last week, Michie and Holly went out and had some fun with fellow Big Brother houseguests Christie Murphy, Tommy Bracco, Jack Matthews, and Annaliese Talavera.

Michie, a server from Nashville, TN, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, and Holly, who also currently lives in Los Angeles, worked as a team on Big Brother’s 21st season and were desperate to get each other to the end.

Although their romance was on and off due to fighting, Michie and Holly achieved their goal by making it to the Final 2 together.

Michie ended up winning the $500,000 prize through a 6-3 jury vote during the live finale in late September.

After the finale aired on CBS, Michie told Entertainment Weekly, “I might splurge on a trip with Holly… a change of scenery,” when asked to share what his plans were for the money.

But Michie was unsure of whether his romantic relationship with Holly would continue and grow into something serious.

“Holly is easy one of the best things that happened to me. She had a great head on her shoulders. And in that house with no distractions people bicker. I’ve had arguments with just about everybody in that house, and that’s part of it,” Michie shared with EW.

“But I really do have the utmost respect for her. I want for us to be able to live life together after this week. Ironically enough, we’re in the same city. So it won’t be hard.”

Michie elaborated, “But I’ve always said, she said it too, whether we are in a relationship or not, it will not change the fact that we will both be in each other’s lives.”

Michie called the Wyoming native and former pageant queen “a great girl.”

“If we don’t end up together and she gets a new boyfriend, sorry dude, but I will be one of her best friends. And same for me. So it’s part of the deal,” Michie insisted.

And Holly seemed to be on the exact same page at the time.

“We’re seven years apart and have a lot of very, very different interests, and we know that. We’ve acknowledged it since the beginning,” Holly told EW in a separate interview.

“The one thing we promised to one another before anything started romantically is that regardless of how it turned out, we would be friends forever.”

Holly continued, “And so as of right now, we have some travels planned, we have some fun things planned, but we’re taking it one day at a time. If romance happens now or maybe later on down the road, great. If it doesn’t, great. I have a best friend.”

Michie and Holly were willing to lie and backstab in order to protect each other in the game. They always had each other’s back.

“Of course, it was rocky. We’re 24/7 locked in a cage together, and we can’t really talk freely about things because we’re being watched, and so we don’t understand each other’s communication styles and everything,” Holly noted.

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