Beyonce’s Mom Reveals Her Real Age In Birthday Post?

Has Beyonce really been lying about her age for years? This long-standing conspiracy theory reemerged on the singer’s 38th birthday this week after her mother, Tina Knowles, posted a seemingly innocent message on Instagram wishing her daughter a happy birthday. Gossip Cop can explain why the bogus claim has come up again, and why it’s incorrect.


On Wednesday, Knowles posted a loving message to her daughter on Instagram to celebrate her birthday. The caption began, “39 years ago today you came into my life…” However, Beyonce turned 38 on Wednesday, not 39. This prompted MediaTakeOut to a publish a story with the headline, “Tina Knowles Accidentally Posts Beyonce’s Real Age.” According to the blog, the singer’s mom “made a huge error” by “inadvertently” revealing she’s actually 39. That’s not what happened.

After several commenters noticed she wrote “39 years ago,” Beyonce’s mom corrected her post and noted that she was referring to when she first learned she was pregnant 39 years ago. Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the singer, who confirms that Knowles was referring to her conception date, not the day Beyonce was born. Unfortunately, MTO is going with the theory that the singer is really 39.

This conspiracy theory about Beyonce’s age was first pushed by MTO in 2006, but the blog pegged her as even older back then. In the since-deleted post from 13 years ago, the website claimed to have received the singer’s birth certificate from an “insider” at the Texas Department of Health. That article maintained that Beyonce was actually born in 1974.

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Following that, there was yet another crazy Internet conspiracy about Beyonce’s younger sister Solange actually being her daughter. The rumor started after Gabrielle Union, who was born in 1972, said in an interview, “Beyonce and I have been friends since we were teenagers.” This led to phony reports about Beyonce also being born in 1972 and giving birth to Solange when she was just 14. This absurd narrative has mostly been spread on random message boards by anonymous posters.

The age conspiracy was furthered in 2015 when Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, appeared to support the rumor in a radio interview on Power 105.1 in New York. He said his daughter was the “exact same age” as Pink and Usher, who were born in 1979 and 1978, respectively. Beyonce’s dad later clarified his comment in an interview on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, saying he didn’t mean it “literally,” but that they were all children around the same time. Knowles added, “Beyonce was born in 1981. 100 percent, 1981.”

Regardless, Beyonce’s mom edited her post to include the obvious – that she was pregnant 39 years ago with her daughter, who was born 38 years ago. If you slept through biology class, women are pregnant for nine months, almost a year. It’s not unreasonable for a mother to add that time to a birthday post when referring to the exact moment she learned a child would be coming into her life. There’s no conspiracy at work here. A proud mother simply wished her daughter a happy birthday, and Beyonce was born September 4, 1981.

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