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Ashton Pienaar From ‘Below Deck’ Admits He Was Not Happy About Rhylee Gerber’s Return

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Bosun Ashton Pienaar from Below Deck seemed less than thrilled to learn that deckhand Rhylee Gerber was returning to the show.

Deckhand Abbi Murphy left the team when she realized the job was not what she anticipated. With one deckhand sick and vomiting and the other deckhand unable to walk due to a knee infection, Captain Lee Rosbach had to think fast and get someone in immediately to pick up the slack.

Cameras captured Rosbach calling “someone” to get on a plane and be in Thailand as soon as possible. But when Pienaar asked Rosbach who was the replacement, his face completely fell when Rosbach told him Gerber was on her way. So was Pienaar as worried about her return as he appeared? And what transpired on the boat between them? He also addresses Gerber’s assertion that she was not tipped for the first charter.

He admits he was not happy that she returned

Pienaar appeared on the It’s Bravo Betch Podcast and was asked how he felt about her return. “I was not happy,” Pienaar shared. “It was weird because I thought that they were going to include her in the crew from the get-go. So I was almost mentally preparing myself to deal with that early on. When I saw she wasn’t part of the crew it was kind of a relief.”

He had forgotten about Gerber and didn’t consider she would be the one to return. “I was thinking a lot more positively in terms of who is it going to be. Can’t wait to meet her. And then it was Rhylee and I was like, ‘Oh really?’”

They both tried to make it work
Although viewers have seen the fights, Pienaar said they both tried to make the relationship work. “I will give it to her, she came on with a great attitude, things actually started off pretty well,” he admits. “The fight happened, but we made up afterward. And I think there was a very big effort from her end and from my end to make things work. And things did go well.”

But he said they only went well for so long. “Until certain points, you’ll see later on in the season, how things just kind of transpired,” he says. “I will give it to her, she came back with a better attitude. And my whole goal was to accommodate her and try to give the opportunity she felt like she didn’t have last season.”

He also addressed Gerber’s assertion that she was not tipped for the work she did during her first charter on the boat. “So she joined halfway through the charter,” Pienaar said. “I can see both sides of the argument. But she did work for half the charter so I can see where she’s kind of pissed off that she feels she deserves some of it. But there’s things like that in life that happen all the time. You give a little to get some. And it was just one of those situations.”

Gerber watched the podcast and had her own thoughts about his comments. She joked in her Instagram story that Pienaar hit on the other guest on the show, Bravo superfan April Donelson. When it came to his comment on her attitude improvement, she had her own opinion. “While Ashton may not consider my attitude as improved … we’ve certainly seen a steady decline in his!”

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