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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown Reveals Results of Weight Loss Challenge

When the “Alaskan Bush People” stars return to the airwaves, one of the Brown family may look a bit different because he just finished up a month-long weight loss challenge!

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Noah Brown revealed that he and wife Rhain Alisha spent the last 30 days on a major health kick, and abstained from “drinking anything with calories in it.”

As for what they did consume, Noah had explained they were mainly drinking “black coffee and sugarless tea.”

“Today is the end of our 30 days without drinking anything with calories in it. Thank you all for your support and encouragement,” Noah wrote on Instagram.

He then gave the fans what they wanted, an update on the weight loss results after the end of the challenge.

The reality star revealed that his wife had lost 6 lbs and he was down 2 lbs after all was said and done.

He reflected back on the challenge, explaining, “Not bad for a month long experiment. A small change over a month can lead to a big change by the end of the year.”

Noah and Rhain, who just welcomed baby Elijah into the world back in February, appear to be getting healthy as they have a fresh perspective on the world.

They have been regularly sharing photos of Elijah’s milestones, including when the little tyke was able to stand on his own for the first time.

Health has been a major theme for the Brown family, as they have also been dealing with the ongoing illness of patriarch Billy Brown.

Billy has been hospitalized for months while dealing with an unknown illness, and the family has been sticking by his side in Washington while he fights to regain his strength.

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It’s only normal that seeing Billy in such a bad way has inspired the other Brown family members to make sure they are the best versions of themselves possible.

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