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’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ star Evelin Villegas denies cheating on Corey Rathgeber again

90 Day Fiance: The Other way star Evelin Villegas is standing by her claims that she only cheated on Corey Rathgeber once while they were on a break a few years ago — and says Corey betrayed the couple’s agreement not to mention it to 90 Day Fiance producers while they were filming the show.

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“For the people that say, ‘Oh, she cheated on Corey’ and all that stuff. Like, yeah, I hooked up with my ex [but] that was three years ago now and when Corey and I were not together. It was a mistake, I apologized for it and I always felt bad,” Evelin told her followers during an Instagram Live session last week.

According to Evelin — who conducted the Live session after she learned Corey went on a date with fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima last week — and Corey had agreed to not bring the incident up while they were filming 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

However, Corey — who was shown getting engaged to Evelin on this week’s TLC broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s season finale — then allegedly betrayed Evelin and “sold” the details of Evelin’s hookup to the show’s producers an in apparent attempt to strengthen the couple’s storyline.

“It was our deal — like we agreed it was never going to be shown on TV. I didn’t want my family to know, my friends to know. (tears) Nobody. But he did it, he sold it to the producers, he didn’t care. Nobody had ever done more damage to me… it’s just upsetting,” Evelin said.

During her Instagram Live session, Evelin — who also accused Corey of being a boring, needy loser and a fame-hungry, attention seeker who now sees reality TV as his career — repeatedly insisted the hookup was a one-time thing that occurred while she and Corey were on a temporary break.

“[Corey] embarrassed himself, and me, publicly when he brought up the cheating scandal [on the TV show]. That happened so long ago, we passed through it, it was a on a break-up that we had,” she said.

“But he did it to himself. He brought it to the producers, and they didn’t let me know. He planned it.”

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Evelin, a 27-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador, also blamed Corey for the negative comments she received on social media after the incident was revealed on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

“So if people are calling her a [inaudible] and all that crap, it’s on him, because he put it out there. People would not know things if somebody doesn’t put it in there. So I just feel embarrassed, that’s just it.”

Evelin also denied online rumors that she cheated on Corey, a 32-year-old from Mill A, WA, when he left Ecuador and briefly returned home to America following the sudden and unexpected death of his father.

“The people who are saying I cheated on him when he went for his dad’s funeral, like that’s just freaking messed up. It’s so messed up. That’s just so not true. None of that is true,” she said.

“People believe those pages way, way too much. And you’re going to see that on the Tell All. I’m hoping and praying that it makes it not sound that horrible on me. Which it might, but hopefully not that horrible.”

Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s two-part Tell-All reunion show will air Monday, October 14 at 9PM ET/PT on TLC.

Previews of the Tell-All have appeared to show Evelin’s male friend Raul — who was shown telling Corey he’d had a “fling” with Evelin and “kind of hooked up a few times” a “few years ago” during a 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode that aired in August — admitting he still has feelings for Evelin.

“Do you actually want to be with Evelin?” Corey is shown asking Raul, who joined the Tell-All via video chat, in a preview clip.

“Of course,” Raul replied. “Evelin is the most beautiful girl.”

However, during her Instagram Live session, Evelin played down the extent of her hookup with Raul and insisted it was both less recent and less significant than the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way episode showed Raul telling Corey.

“I never cheated on [Corey]. My friend Raul… I had like a one night thing — like kisses with him — back in the day, we’re talking like eight years ago or something. So that’s not new,” Evelin insisted.

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“I haven’t cheated on Corey and he knows that, that’s why he was still with me.”

Evelin claimed she has been faithful to Corey repeatedly during the Live session, which lasted more than half an hour.

“I’ve been nothing but faithful to him, respectful to him, take care of him. He is extremely needy,” she said.

“It’s not true! I’ve been with Corey for five years [and] I only went once with [my] ex. Done deal, stop, that was one mistake, no more. I’ve been faithful to him, and that’s just it.”

“Stop telling me stupid things, I’m not a whore. I’m not a whore! I only have like one ex-boyfriend before Corey, and then Corey. That’s it!”

Evelin also suggested Corey is lonely and claimed he has no friends.

“If Corey is hanging out with Larissa or whatever. Or with [90 Day Fiance alums David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan] or whoever he wants to be hanging out right now well then that’s just because he has no friends. He has no friends. He has nobody,” she said.

“Corey is losing it with this show! I don’t even know who he is anymore. Like, he’s not that guy I met,” Evelin said during her Instagram Live session.

In addition, Evelin also claimed she had asked Corey to remain in Ecuador late this summer instead of returning to America to film 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Tell-All reunion special.

However, Corey allegedly declined Evelin’s request.

“What he’s doing right now, to, me, it’s just ridiculous. Because he left for the Tell All and he’s just been trying and trying to convince me to be on the second season [of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way]. He trying and trying to get to have more of this fame,” Evelin said during her Instagram Live session.

“And I was like, ‘Just stay here, stay here with me, let’s watch these episodes together.’ Because I know there’s going to be really hard on me. And I didn’t want to be alone to see all of this. But he just wanted the fame and he went [back to America] and just like — oh, I’m so upset,” she continued.

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During her live session, Evelin said Corey now craves social-media attention.

“[Larissa] will do whatever she can to get more attention, and Corey is that same. Corey will do whatever is in his hands right now to get a little bit more attention, a little bit more,” she said.

According to Evelin, Corey now views reality TV as his career and their relationship eventually reached the point where she became unsure if he was only interested in continuing it to remain on television.

“He keeps calling me, he keeps telling me a bunch of stuff — he keeps coming back and forth, and I’m just like, ‘I just don’t know who are you anymore. I don’t know if you want to be with me because of the show or not.’ And I said, I don’t want to know anything about it,” she told her Instagram followers.

“And now he’s just looking for people to be with him and follow the same road. But are you seriously going to make your living out of [a] reality TV show? Like seriously? There’s other things to do.”

Elevin also said she had only originally appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way because Corey had pushed her to do it.

“Do not believe you know someone because you’ve seen them on a TV show. He is not all that you see. He was amazing, he really was. But this show has changed [him],” she said. “The man that I knew is just not there [anymore]. And I’m keeping myself. Because me is still me.”

In addition, Evelin revealed the couple’s engagement is apparently off and said will never marry Corey.

“I’m not gonna marry anyone,” she revealed near the end of her live session. “I’m not gonna give him — I’m not gonna have that white dress. And honestly, like we couldn’t even afford anything.”

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